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pbban cvar and clanwar config


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when we load a clanwar config, do all cvarand md5check from pbsvuser.cfg are ok or not ?


I ask that because of this lines when you load a XoX clawar config :


command "pb_sv_enable"

command "pb_sv_kicklen 1"

command "pb_sv_cvarempty"

command "pb_sv_md5toolempty"


and when you look at the server logs you see that :

^3PunkBuster Server: PunkBuster Server (v1.285 | A1382 C1.523) Enabled

^3PunkBuster Server: pb_sv_KickLen = 1 (0 to 60)

^3PunkBuster Server: Cvar List (in Memory) has been Emptied

^3PunkBuster Server: MD5Tool List (in Memory) has been Emptied

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command "pb_sv_cvarempty"

command "pb_sv_md5toolempty"


Those commands effectively disable all anti cheat checks, and you would need a load command to get them back on or exec your pbsv.cfg that inludes anti cheat checks followed by a pb restart.


Heres a possible scenario for ya.

I am playing your clan in a war .. I have an injected cheat that runs outside of the game directory ... it's features are toggled on and off via cvar .. I wait for match to begin and type into console /mm_autoaim 2 etc etc .. hey presto I can pwn your clan .. its that easy.


A lot of leagues are wising up to the fact that cheat md5/cvar scans are a neccessity these days and any league/ladder that disables all checks is effectively letting anyone who wants to cheat, do so with impunity.

Either try to get them to include at least the latest md5/cvar scans or find a league that actively protects all honest players and creates a level playing field by running md5/cvar checks, such as warleagues.


What organisation are we talking about here btw ?

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well I talk about the clanbase config ....


so " rcon password exec mychecks.cfg" every time we load a clanbase config can be a solution.

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well I talk about the clanbase config ....


so " rcon password exec mychecks.cfg" every time we load a clanbase config can be a solution.

Could be, but I dont know what rules clanbase enforce .. if md5/cvar scans for known cheat related files/cvars are disabled this amounts to a cheaters charter.

The question to ask yourself is if an organisation that condones not checking for cheat related files/cvars is worth supporting at all.

Most leagues/ladders have woken up to the fact that unless you actively run md5/cvar checks, the "integrity" of skilled players will always be open to question.

Streaming coupled with md5/cvar scans allays those fears and any conflict that arises from a match that is played on a streamed server can be checked by an independent source via streamed information.

This totally eliminates the "I was framed/omg photoshop" whines.

WarLeagues operate such a policy and are starting to attract clans that prefer a clean gaming environment to play their matches on.

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5. Server settings

  • Matches must be played on servers running the latest official aproved version of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and the associated maps. ET 2.60b and ETPRO (3.2.6) with the latest ClanBase config will be used.
  • All matches are to be played with the standard ETpro settings with the exceptions defined in the ClanBase Server Config.
  • The ETpro sv_cvars are used instead of punkbuster's pb_cvars (list can be requested by typing "b_cvarlist" in console while on the matchserver).
  • PunkBuster is required, although the cvarlist should be empty. These are the settings to be used:
  • pb_sv_enable
  • pb_sv_cvarempty
  • pb_sv_kicklen 1
etc etc



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I'm trying to get them changed but im sure it falls on deaf ears!

Your talents are definiely wasted at CB Bulldog .. for the life of me I cant figure out why any admin/clan who is opposed to online cheating, bothers with such pro cheat leagues and ladders that CB run :blink: because lets be honest about things here .. as it stands, anyone can run an injected cheat that is placed outside of the game directory and toggle it on and off via cvar in an instant, and more than likely get away with it.

Are they scared that they will have to ban most of the ET community if they ran md5/cvar checks as a matter of course?

I personally think that the honest ET players amongst us (by far the majority) would like to display their skills in as clean a gaming environment as possible.

The only viable way to achieve that is to follow WarLeagues example and have all matches played on a streaming server that runs a lite vers. of md5/cvar scans.

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