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I would like to know something about the PBBANS system. I was looking at the screenshots produces by the program and was wondering about something.

If day after day I found a black screen when I look at a specific player's screenshoot, does it mean he have a hack to avoid the screenshot to be taken, or it can happen always day after day like that?


T.Y. for your time, sincerly (vibe)Quebec-1

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Lots of times a black screen-shot can happen due to the video card drivers being used. Black screens are not indicative of a cheat, as they niether prove or dis-prove the player is hacking. You'll just have to live with the fact that there is no evidence against the player, and when in doubt, the player remains known as innocent.

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I'd love a penny for every time I've posted this; :P


official evenbalance response:

Black screenshots will happen if the videocard drivers are old, when the game is not the active application, or on some Operating System/videocard/driver combinations. Also, screenshot detour hacks could cause these black screenshots.


In summary, black screenshots might not be caused by cheats or hacks but checking all the videocard drivers and/or possibly directx drivers is advisable.

Add to the mix vista and you have a reason why most statistics show about 1/4 returned of requested pbss

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