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Hello, I Guess I am confused. I have been running 2 servers for the past year and a half. I was under the impression that if I had PB enabled it would keep hackers/cheaters off the servers. Although recent events have brought me out to look for cheats that are undetectable in my servers. I have had a few players that have come in and seem to have some super powers??? I am not at all familiar with setting up PB configs to protect my server. Like I said I was under the impression it was all done for me by evenbalance. How do I find out how to make my server free of cheats/hacks! I want it to be as fair and equal playing for everyone in the server. It only takes one hack to screw up everyone else's game play.

Anyone that can help me I would be able to exchange emails or I can give a pass to our Team speak or your choice of voip I would greatly appreciate it.



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Cheaters actively search for servers with no PB enabled or not streaming to an anti cheat site.

The first step is to get your server streaming, this can be achieved with a few rcon commands found here click me

Then make a post here click me this will open up a lot more forum sections and give you access to easy to follow tutorials etc that will protect your server from the llama's that infest it at the moment.


PB is the best anti cheat software available, it just needs that little help that PBBans will provide, to turn it from competent to leet. :)

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Same thing happend to me. I really trusted Punkbuster. Thought they could bust every cheat there is. Then I got my server streaming and busted alot more!! I dont know exactly how much, but over 100%.. thats for sure.

I learned more ways to bust and got new tools to bust. Any server admin that want to have a cheat-free server should stream to pbbans.com.


pbbans.com are the best place to stream.

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