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Invalid Memory Image (60154)


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I know from searching the the 60000 range of PB kicks are related to or are WallHacks. Has anyone seen this particular one before? Durring a TWL match we had 3 different players from the opposing team kicked by PB for this. And after looking most of the PBSS ended up corrupt, which I know doesn't prove anything, but it is still quite vexing?

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Invalid Memory Image


Try uninstalling/reinstalling the game and PB.After reinstalling the game reinstall pb services first then reinstall pb using pbsetup.exe.Try joining an unmodified server and play for a bit see if you get kicked/If not then next step try a modded server.If you get booted read below and see if this helps.


Its a RESTRICTION kick and not a violation. The player is being kicked because somethings modified data in game's memory. This might be caused by a non-cheat software ( tweaking progs, overlay progs (such as vent overlay), etc.etc ) try a base install unpatched and see if game runs .. then patch and see if it runs ..step by step process .. should also check for malaware ..rootkits etc

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the odd thing is, its only two players on the same clan I never see other people get kicked for this...and no good SS of them...something is fishee

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Well I tell ya what. Its about to get a little more fishy m8. Cause there are two of us on the same Clan, both happen to be the Admin/council for the server aswell and we both got the error. Rather than throw a net to catch somthing whats so we at least try to resolve the issue first.. Novelty idea lol I know... :blink:


The game in this case is Call Of Duty 4. I did a manual PB update as did my m8.

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