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Checking the HUB????


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Hello, is there anyway for me to check if my server logs are really getting where they are supposed to go? I posted a question of my status at the AON forums and was advised that my logs have never been there? I have all sites clicked to forward so something must be wrong?




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what is the server ip in question?


They get the logs every 24 hours. if your server has the AON flag enabled they will get sent to them



Sorry the server IP is it's been set to forward to all sites for I think around 2 weeks now?




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A quick check of your server via the msi


PBBans Hub Server Results
Server Status 	Server is streaming via Hub
Server Info
Clan Tag 	IB[
Server IP
Data Last Received 	23 mins ago
Hub Options
General 	Enforce Bans Greetings Allowed
Log Forwarding 	ACI CB AON AAGUID
League 	None
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I am sure your logs are getting through :)


The check tool used at AON only checks for direct streaming servers.. as does the ACI streaming check tool etc.


Perhaps pm'ing an admin at AON should clarify things for you - but at this end there is no problem.



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OK, I downloaded and uploaded the hub file again, maybe there was a bad line are whatever but it seems to be streaming now, also under my server settings it says streaming!




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Ok my server is streaming but it will not let me into the account manager page even though I have confirmed my registration and am logged in. Also where do I go to view the screenshots? Thanks.

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Hi ATFDragon and welcome to PBBans.


To make an application to stream via the Hub please follow this link

Streaming Account Application

This will automatically add a thread in this forum

New Account Submissions


Once your Team Account has been created and the server is streaming your forum account will be upgraded to Streaming Game Admin (SGA) status and you will be able to access you account manager plus the private SGA forums.


You can submit your suspect screenshots for review by the Ban Managers via your account manager as well.


To gain access to your servers screenshots please contact your host for details - however most people find them in their /system/pb/svss folder of their server files.


Some links you may find helpful :)


Streaming Guide for AAO

Account Management

PBBans Hub Flags

Not Streaming Fix


Good luck and we hope to see you as SGA soon :D





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No, it should happen straight away - try again but if you cant for some reason pm me or post the same details as required in the application and I will sort it for you :bigwink:



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How do i appeal a ban thats not my GUID, IP or alias ?


Somebody sent me a link to what is meant to be my account, using my name and has been caught using a aimbot but aint me ?


This is a farce, what the hell do i do now ?


p.s i tryed making a new thread but it wouldnt let me for some reason. sorry.

Edited by souljar
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The guid e0d230f77dcb0709b80cad2db1b4d619 is on the PsB Banlist, not the PBBans MBi




PBBans ban for guid only, never an alias or IP - If a player is name banned or IP banned then it is a local ban added by the server admin which is at their discretion.


If the above guid is yours you need to appeal it by following the instructions outlined in thhis thrread at PsB






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How do i appeal a ban thats not my GUID, IP or alias ?

If all the above info is true what do you expect EvenBalance to do about it ?

The only bans issued by EB are globalguid / hardware bans.

Every other ban is issued by server admin / anti cheat site based on banable kick violations.


No reputable anti cheat site places a ban based on alias.

No reputable anti cheat site places a ban based on IP.

All bans are placed soley by the server assigned pbguid.

If the pbguid is not yours, laugh and move on.

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Not my GUID, IP or any of my alias ?


I been playing BF2 now since day one and i have gained my rank and stats the hard way.


I run a bf2 clan and server and this is gonna cause alot of problems for me.


My IP address:


Ban ip address :


My GUID aa6969810eb4f7346903bacf5c8be580


Ban GUID f17788d3efd8e0e34e026cb7a03a55c1


And as for the alias list lol, i never heard of them guys on that link ?


Alias : Keltic62 http://bf2s.com/player/42134625/ 3888 total hours played.


Alias : Olvie http://bf2s.com/player/78250974/ 1536 total hours played.


Me : souljar http://bf2s.com/player/43696698/ 2885 total hours played.


Total of 8309 hours played lol, is that possible to do while working full time for last 12 years ?


My clans website has never even seen that IP from the ban on the link. we checked the logs.


Funny we all legit 3star generals too. Looks like some idiot has ben busy causing grief for players they hold a grudge against !!


I checked my server tracker history from the 5th to the 29th of january and i havent even played on the server i was meant to be caught cheating on, on the 17th of january. I doubt i ever have played it either.



I know you can get some sort of hack that changes your name because my old clan said they had some retard on their server with my name and unknown tags on, so they checked his guid against mine at the time and knew it wasnt me


What can i do about this ?

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