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Punk Buster Error Code 70476


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I have been playing Wolfenstein for a long time, and recently I have been getting kicked for a Punk Buster multihack #70476. The weird thing is, one, I don't cheat, and two, I can't find anyplace that knows what the error is or how to fix it. Does anybody have any suggestion?





By the way, I'm not sure if this is being posted in the right place, but it looked like the best option of those available.

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As is the case of all bannable detections as per this list;


#50000s - Aimbot
#60000s - Wallhack
#70000s - Multihack
#80000s - Gamehack
#90000s - 'Cheat' Video Drivers
#100000s - Speedhack
#110000s - Autofire
#120000s - Game Hook
#130000s - Attempted PunkBuster Hack

The violation was a direct result of PunkBuster™ software.

The only course of action re anyone who finds themselves on the receiving end of any of the above violation kicks is to open a TroubleTicket and ask one question.

"Is this a valid violation ?"

If the answer is yes the ban remains on the MBI

If the answer is no the ban is completely removed from our systems.

It's that simple, and no amount of whine on forums will change things

If a "false positive" is proven, PB are quite quick to inform us of it.

There are currently 239 bans on the MBI for #70476 and that equates to an awful lot of TroubleTickets, so its bound to take time to go through them all.



1. Any bannable violation raised by PunkBuster™ software will be placed on the MBI.

2. No bannable violation will be removed from the MBI unless EB confirm a "false positive".

3. The only way to get a removal is to work with EB via the TroubleTicket system.

4. If one player out of all those banned for this violation # can prove a "false positive" all bans will be removed.

5. Even if a thousand violations were raised for this specific violation # its a simple matter to remove them from our systems because PBBans uses a modern streaming initiative that has "live" ban removals as one of its many features.

6. Key word with any TT query is patience.

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