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Good night,

would like to know the meaning of this bug, is happening varies times to the day in the server:

shot follows screen.



He is strange because he is not no administrator who is banishing the players. bug would like to know the reason of this.


I am distrustful that it is some to hacker, using program or malicious code to sabotage the server.



Summary of bug: the server is restarted and when the players try to connect again, they receive this message that is in screen shot



It would like to thank the vocês gentility.


Thanks a lot.


*Co2* HardFlip BR - Sysop of the server


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My friend {VOD} RodeoBob (BM), is not none admin of the server who is making this. I am certain of this therefore I only have the password of rcon.


I believe that some player is obtaining to make this of some form.


or then one bug in the archives of pb. he is possible?


He would like some tips so that I can make tests to solve this problem.



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If anyone has any new info on this subject I'd be interested to hear it. It looks like the same thing happened to us.


Last night while two sysops and several players were on our server, someone came in, asked who the admins were, and 10 seconds later we were both "permenantly banned from the server by PB; banned by admin!" I shut down the server immediately to see what had happened and limit any additional data corruption. (As the server was shutting down, another person with the same tags [s-S] was trying to enter... it looked like an invasion!)


I traced the IP of the guy who did it and he shows up as "clean" in the MPI. There's no normal way I know of that anyone could do that. I found our names listed on the local pbban.dat file, and our admin.cfg and clan.cfg files were corrupted (no readable new entries, but damaged data). There were no other suspicious entries in any of the log files, other than them showing we had been kicked.


Any suggestions? Is there some new server hack circulating?

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Friends, thank you for instructions,

But the server continues with bug,


The bug happens when someone is connected on the server, so the player enters the server, all are disconnected and all ips are banned by PunkBuster.


For the server back to normal I need type: pb_sv_banempty


But immediately after that if a player connects with a different name and is the same bug.


There is something I can do?




I believe it is attacking the DOS,

Enter a command directed to the ip of the server and is connected, so enter the server is the bug ..


If you knew how he might be doing this, please help me ...


Thank you


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if i remember correctly, this is an ip setting in your cfg.


i used to have this when i didnt explain to the server that the game was for the interent rather than a 192.168 network


hope this helps

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