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"losing key packets" error


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Hi all...


Fisrt of all, sorry to make this post, but i don't know what to do.


1- what that mensage means???


2- explaining my problem:


i formated C: a month ago...intalled BF2, with PB...so far so good...

i have comodo firewall, witch i created rules that allow both Pnkbstr A and B:

destination (any) / port (any) / protocol TCP/UDP in and out

i have avast


after playing a while, i am kick by PB for 2 minutes........why?????? (i send a SS)


thx for your help



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Update PB using pbsetup.exe


Follow this tutorial on setup of the new PB services;



If this fails to resolve your problem open a bf2 TroubleTicket and see if EvenBalance can help you out.

Key thing to remember with any TroubleTicket is patience :)

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You're having connection issues with the server you're trying to play on. There's no real way to say why that happens to some and not to others, other than there's always a difference in a person's type of connection, as well as distance from the server in question.


I see this in a lot of games, and the bulk of the people that run into it are trying to game on a wireless connection, where others simply have not configured their game or internet connection properly.

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hi all


THX for the answers...


before the format, i use the PBsetup (remove and re-install, even clean the registry), and the result were the same...thats why i tried to clean the PC

it happend to all servers....take as few minutes or an hour, i'm allways kick out....


i send the problem for bf2 TroubleTicket...


once again, thx for everything....




RoadWarrior, explain that better, plz

(i think) i have a good configuration game as well an internet connection

it never had this problem before....i red a lot of solutions...

it could b form the firewal??????



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If your firewall is set to allow the game to connect it really shouldn't be an issue. BF2 checks your connection and adjusts itself accordingly when you initially set the game up, so that shouldn't really be an issue, some other games require you to choose your connection manually when first installing/setting up.


Everyone is a bit different when it comes to connection types though.


Do you use a router? Are you on a wireless connection or are you connected directly to your modem/router?


Cable or ADSL/DSL connection?


Those might also be details you'll want to include with your troubleticket to evenbalance. More info is always better, so that they can narrow down your potential issue and come up with a solid answer.


Some other things you might want to include are some system specs and operating system as well.

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I have the same problem and it is after 2 mins to.

Punkbuster kick for losing key packets. I am on a 12 mb adsl connection but heres the catch, it only happens when i exceed my download and am shaped to 64k. I still have a good ping on server but believe it is due to bottle necking the bandwidth and then losing key packets that causes the kicking.





:( Aus 68

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Hi all


Here is the explanation for that error message:

Quote- The Key Packet kicks are an issue where the client is not able to send information to the server. Punkbuster needs to communicate with the server and as long as the game cannot do that the kicks will happen.- unquote


that info about the pc, i sent to evenbalance.com...


once again, THX

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Some people changed ISP and that solved that problem some other guys just upgraded to faster connection with same ISP... I know its not some solution but it helps for moste of gamers after this error comes up! :( Lucky never had that problem :rolleyes: ;)

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Hi again


The thing is:


when i wrote to Even Balance Technical Support (http://www.evenbalance.com/troubleticket), they asked me to do this:


I need some log information from you to find the cause of this kick. I want you to do the following:


Join a PB server, and drop the console with ~, then type


pb_logtofile 1



Join a server and get kicked. Look in the "pb" folder for a file called pbcl.log. If you have hidden your file extensions, please make sure you open pbcl.log and not pbcllog.cfg! Paste the lines from there into your reply. " Unquote.


i did that, but no answer yet.


I don't know if they do anything, but i am no longer kick...may 1/2 a month (before, i was kick every day)



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