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Quick question (sample rate)

=SoE= Ken-Doka

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PB_SV_SsSRate [Number]

The sample rate (default is 1) used for capturing screen shots, specifies how many pixels get skipped in the processing of the image to keep file sizes down; if set to 2, then only every 2nd pixel is taken (in both horizontal and vertical directions); if set to 4, then only every 4th pixel is taken

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I understand that sample=1 means every pixel and sample=2 means every other.


Maybe I'm missing this completely, but I don't think you're understanding my question. Check out the pics above. My question is what is the difference between:



sample=2 (1)


It's the same player, and both pics appear to be of sample rate 2. So my question is what does the extra "(1)" mean?

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My curiosity is because it isn't on all of the images, as shown above. It's just on a few, and I don't know what the difference it. Does it *really* matter? No...just wanted to satisfy my (and clanmates) curiosity.


"Don't worry about it", seems to be the only response I'm going to get anywhere I ask... :rolleyes:


Thanks for the feedback tho. At least I can say we're not the only admins who don't know. :lol:

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