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Omni-bots crashing server


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My server has been crashing recently which I believe is down to the omnibots (runs fine without them).


According to the host, the server continues running, but in a crashed state, rendering it unplayable.


The console.log file ends just as a bot joins the game. Note that this does not always happen, just a couple of times every 24 hours):


ClientDisconnect: 5

ClientConnect: 5

Userinfo: \name\^0S^7!^0lent^7\rate\25000\snaps\20\ip\localhost\cl_guid\ OMNIBOT***********^0S^7!^0lent^7

ClientUserinfoChanged: 5 n\^0S^7!^0lent^7\t\3\c\r\m00000\s00000\dn\\dr\w\lw\ 0\sw\mu\ref\1

^2Sample Default Bot Profile

^2Current Difficulty 2

^2Difficulty FOV 70

^2Difficulty ReactionTime 2

^2Difficulty MemorySpan 2

^2Difficulty AimPersistance 1

^2Difficulty MaxTurnSpeed 720

^2Difficulty AimStiffness 75

^2Difficulty AimDamping 10

Userinfo: \name\^0S^7!^0lent^7\rate\25000\snaps\20\ip\localhost\cl_guid\ OMNIBOT***********^0S^7!^0lent^7

ClientUserinfoChanged: 5 n\^0S^7!^0lent^7\t\2\c\r\m00000\s00000\dn\\dr\w\lw\ 31\sw\mu\ref\1

Userinfo: \name\^0S^7!^0lent^7\rate\25000\snaps\20\ip\localhost\cl_guid\ OMNIBOT***********^0S^7!^0lent^7

ClientUserinfoChanged: 5 n\^0S^7!^0lent^7\t\2\c\r\m00000\s00000\dn\\dr\w\31\ lw\31\sw\mu\ref\1

broadcast: print "^0S^7!^0lent^7^7 entered the game\n"

ClientBegin: 5



I am running 2.55, which I guess is the problem.


I've got the server relatively popular in 2.55, and am reluctant to move to 2.6 as it would mean populating the server from scratch.


However, I would be willing to upgrade the server if it would fix the problem. The only thing in the back of my mind, is if I go through the trouble of upgrading it to 2.6b, then finding the same thing happens there.


Is this a known problem with running omni-bots in 2.55, or is the problem down to other reasons?


Server info:


ETPub 0.7.2

Omni-Bot 0.532

version = ET 2.55 linux-i386 Jun 24 2003


Note: the same happens, but more frequently, with ETPub 0.8.1 + Omni-bot 0.66


Omnibots logs also show nothing out of the ordinary.


Thanks in advance,


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There is I think is an issue with 255 and bots. I know the argument and its still no reason not upgrade imho. Ever wonder why 255 is that popular?

I've heard of alot of people with problems with omnibots under 2.5x. I have never run omnibots myself so I have no experience with them, but I don't believe they were ever intended or supported on >2.60.

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I'm going to upgrade the server to 2.6b. I'm also interested in putting the theory "It's harder to populate a server in 2.6" to the test.


Thanks for you assistance,


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