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I made a simple topic asking a simple question. then get treated like a jerk. I have never cheated at the game Enemy Territory ever in my gaming history. PBBANS admins are assholes and ill probably get banned for this topic but what the hell why not go down in a blaze of glory. And to think that you guys are running things is pretty sad. I asked a simple question and got threatened with a ban from the forums. Well then i guess this is my last post because your admin team needs to get their head out of their ass and help people. You dont even concider checking your appeals you just say to hell with it he's a hacker. So to anyone willing to read this DONT BOTHER TRYING TO APPEAL A BAN THEY DO NOT CARE.

So to the pbbans staff have fun and im sure glad i never made a donation to such a losing bunch or wanna be admins.

Our server caught alot of hackers in the few months that it has been streaming. Our admin had a hack that i sent him to get detected and apparently thats what was open on his desktop when he got nailed for a multihack. If you people would have answered my post about the hack then im sure none of this would have happened. But then again you dont care about anything cause you guys are all high and mighty. So I hope you guys start actually reading a post before you condem it. bpc|clan has always taken pride in being a hack free clan and if anyone is caught using a hack they are banned on the spot. But our reputation is in your hands and apparently you dont care. If only the new companies that signed up with even balance knew what kind of administration they were dealing with im sure they would have went VAC.


Thank's for not caring bpc|ZoD

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You are funny....maybe we could hire you on our staff as jester.


All kidding aside, your last post was very good reading.


I added a topic about a hack and apparently it got deleted. So I sent the hack to my main server admin and he had it on his desktop. Running Windows Vista and he was nailed for having a multihack. If he unzipped the file I dont know, which is pretty stupid to do. But my thread was ignored and I didnt know who else to send the hack to other then my server admin. Since my topic was deleted with no reply. I had no choice. I sent the same guy a file that I have collected hacks from all over the web and he sent the file to you or even balance, It contained over 200 hacks for ET.


I just dont like being treated as if im 12 years old. I'm 36 years old and run a pretty tight ship in my gaming community. We, "were" a respected clan until this happened. So I don't know what else to say. As you can see I'm a little pissed about the whole situation. And will probably lose my account for these last few posts but what the hell im being swept under the carpet anyhow. So why shouldnt I be pissed.

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If only the new companies that signed up with even balance knew what kind of administration they were dealing with im sure they would have went VAC.

Well you didn't read up on things. We are not EvenBalance. We are a 3rd party support site (kinda like a fan site) that uses the extra features of PB to catch more cheaters. How does anyone know how good VAC is when no ban lists are available for public view. VAC has no tools for admins to use. Basicly it's a turn it on and hope for the best system at best.






I don't care for cheaters.

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Well Vac sucks anyhow css has alot of hackers too. But my statement was made when I was being ignored and my topics closed for no reason. I know you are a third party extension of evenbalance. And I'm not an idiot. Just made a post to raise some attention. And my bashing on PBBANS admins might be a little harsh. But i got threatened for making a post and felt a little pissed about that. It was a simple question and I never made any negative statements what so ever. Just a simple question. Then I was shoved a link to who knows what cause it wouldnt open cause guess what. MY ADMIN was taken from me.


So apparently if one guy gets "caught hacking" the entire team gets to bare the brunt of EvenBalance or PBBANS. And you guys never even talked to me like a human you just threw me some bullshit without answering my questions.

In the United States there is the freedom of speech. I guess it only holds true if your not on the recieving end of negative comments. So for you to ban me for making a statement is pretty pathetic.It only makes my point more understandable.


And if your trying to make a point of those two bans.that you posted links to. The bpc|jedi is not in our clan and never was its a name stealer. bpc|T!me on the otherhand was in our clan at one point. So you posting that makes you look like your digging. bpc|jedi was an actual ss if i remember correct And why would we submit a picture of our own clan member hacking? You are attempting to make me and my guys look like fools. Please in the future ask someone before making a comment about a team member. Get your facts straight.

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Please in the future ask someone before making a comment about a team member. Get your facts straight.

I think you sumed it up fairly well......and if you were to follow the same guidance.....we wouldn't be having this conversation at this moment.


MaydaX was only posting in response to your post saying you had sent your leader the file and he was caught.


As far as the clan goes, we taking using cheats very seriously. If a clan/group is streaming their server to PBBans, and a server admin (who has access to the PBBans services) gets caught cheating, there access is removed. The team ultimately receives the end of it....as the server is not allowed to stream any longer. We have to provide a level of security for the other server admin streaming to PBBans.

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Ok fair enough I can see you're point. The streaming admin as im speaking to him while typing this here. told me that he tried to re-create his scenerio. The file was unzipped into a folder on his desktop. I guess that was stupid on his part. And I would like to thank you for actually giving me a person to person answer on this topic. I appologise for the bashing I gave to all pbbans admins. Only some deserved it and not all. Thanks again for the Adult conversation.

I can see that you're service in the Air Force has made a respectable man out of you. Thanks for serving our country.

You guys have balls of steel and deserve respect.

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Ok here are his words as he is telling me I am Dean he is Jo


[9:38:45 PM] Jo says: it was not opened on my desktop

[9:38:52 PM] Jo says: it was only in my task bar

[9:38:52 PM] Dean says: Oh

[9:38:59 PM] Jo says: you should re edit it :P

[9:39:17 PM] Dean says: How can the file be in your taskbar without being opened?

[9:39:31 PM] Dean says: I dont understand

[9:39:45 PM] Jo says: like i double clicked on the .zip

[9:39:55 PM] Jo says: and i didnt touch to anything else

[9:40:12 PM] Jo says: it was staying in my task bar

[9:40:17 PM] Jo says: at the bottom of my screen

[9:40:21 PM] Jo says: i NEVER extracted it

[9:40:26 PM] Jo says: it was just opened

[9:40:34 PM] Jo says: but not extracted to my desktop


Well I know the drill about sending a ticket in to EB so I guess we will wait and see but these are his words and I hope you can see my point.And fyi neither one of those ss are of my admin Jo. He had no screenshot and it was just a ban. I guess its fair to say if i go on BF2 and take one of your clan tags and use it while hacking then im concidered one of your team and you all get screwed. Thats a pretty lame concept. Not that i would hack bf2 but you see my point. Oh and can i get my streaming servers back? :) Just kidding I know the drill.

Edited by bpcZoD
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You can run a file while it's not extracted, from a zip folder. I'd be telling your buddy to start checking for all the other "goodies" those hacks usually install.....everything from keystroke-loggers to other little "presents" the coders like to add that also install themselves on your pc while running the programs.


I had a chuckle a few months ago when one of the regular non-clan members came on using a hack because, and I quote " He asked if he should hack, and someone said....go ahead!" He promptly did that, and was added to the pbbans ban-list, and then came posting on WT forums for help/forgiveness, and adding that he had no idea the hack would be so hard to get rid of, or just how much crap one of them could install on a person's computer......lol


If server admin and their chosen fellow admin read the disclaimers(stickies) here, they clearly state the rules. One "mistake" can drag your entire crew down and cause you to lose your streaming privelages, no exceptions.


Good luck with the appeal and EB ticket.


And thanks to PBBANS for sticking to your quality over quantity ideals!


Incidently, I'd have to say the admin here are some of the most pro-active forum/server admin I've ever met, and very helpful as well. Just the people who get busted tend to have a "negative" experience.

Edited by RoadWarrior
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bpcZoD iam sorry to see this happen. This is exactly what we say can happen if you download cheats.

And this is allso the reason we warn about it in every forum section.

I can not even understand ppl that download and use cheats its not like they are made by a large trustworthy company

The hacks are made by hackers :banghead: just that alone should be a warning signal for every one

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Okt 13 19:01 GMT "I want pb to fell"

Okt 15 "pbbans needs new administration"

Put megalomania aside for a moment -- this President sucks, i'll take his job ... nvm eventually i'll bother to learn the basics later ... See below: admin works in co-operation with pbbans -- Punkbuster as well PBBans are services you can use as is (rtfm), don't like it don't use it, up to you, simple as :)


As usual a ban Violation number > 50000 will only be lifted if EB states "this is no valid Violation".

Expect a substantial TT reply in approx. 5-7 days, i.e. step one, user action requested (simply follow the instructions and answer), give the whole process a few weeks, meanwhile you can stop fishing in troubled waters, i known from experience what i'm talking about: this leads to nothing, research with essential parts of information missing is not more than guessing, as well it will lead to nothing to ask questions here when no answers exist, EB has a policy - so do we - as soon there were exceptions the whole policy became obsolete.


So bottomline: Head admin (the person who initiated streaming) is on MBi and you wait for verdict via TT;

untill then the streaming account is suspended.


Now if you ask for a different solution, there is one, sorry to say actually for you there was one

ABC Group's Head Admin/Server-owner/(incase it matters i.e. anyone gives a damn: Admin #2) comes here and posts e.g.: "I'm head admin of ... with full FTP and Rcon access to ABC servers, please add/set me as head admin re our streaming to pbbans, please suspend the current head admin Xyz untill further notice, Xyz retreated from ABC's admin group while his TT at EB is pending, Xyz was set inactive in ABC untill his case is resolved.


Now ppl make mistakes, some learn from it and gain experience, so please note i don't blame you or anybody for making a mistake due to lack of experience with odd matters like this, we try to help out where possible and requested, communication is a keyword, timing another, the General showing up after the battle will achieve nothing anymore. To make it a bit more specific for you: The question bpc can continue to stream or not was decided really after bpcslaughter used #pbbans just to moan 2 3 days, while no action from your side (not ours, this can not work, we will not take initiative to explain "How to appear trustwothy" ... for obvious reasons) was taken, obvious you will have noticed there was a little problem, it was loud enough.

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Thank's for not caring bpc|ZoD

From an on lookers point of view ZoD, I would say thats not true, in fact I see you have been give much respect and allowed to post as you thought you needed too.


I also know the guys here do the best they can but from experience they know the checks and balances of the system must be followed.


I do have issues with the unzip bit, like why didn't he get prompted for a folder to uncompress too? and then even getting it on the task bar with out trying to run it in someway. Still not beyond the scope of user error though.


Any way best wishes in resolving this.

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You do not have any idea what i was saying. I made a post in the fourms here asking how i can submit a hack that I found on the web. That topic was deleted by someone here at pbbans. So i sent the hack to bpc|Slaughter "my"server admin. Only because he had previously sent in hacks for submission. He apparently had the file partially opened but not extracted. And punkbuster caught it as a hack. Forget that issue we now know it was a mistake and its not somthing thats going to happen again. However in the future barring my posts do not get deleted where would I send "hacks" that are found on the web?


I can send all the screenshots all day long in the end PB actualy having the hack in their hands would be a better result.

I mean to have one of your admins call him a "CONVICTED HACKER" is pretty lame. Its not like the guy was actually using the hack. But lame people come into our server all the time with hacks that arent detected. And that was my point in tryng to submit that hack. So if our team is guilty of anything its us trying to do our jobs as pb admins.

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