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Using PBBans & PsB together


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Just out of interest will using PSB & PBBans together on a server cause any problems?


I'm just wondering if it will cause an overlap of cvar checks etc if both systems are checking for hacks etc?


Any info appreciated as I know PB can strain a servers CPU & didn't want to have PB set in a certain way if it's going to lag our server.



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just out of experience we used to do that and stoped,




1) We as a clan loved the thought of every thing live.

2)PsB is a delayed ban and updates meaning(if someone cheats untill they recieve it nothing will be done)

3)yes it very well may cause lag and cause youe server to run a tad slower.


Now i repeat I am not saying nothing BAD in any way shape or form about PsB but i got tired of seeing a hacker come into the server and get away with bloody murder untill i either had to submit ss's or or just take matters into my own hand's. plus like I said it very well may cause problems on your server. some one came into a server i got streaming and the server is a rental that i ren out, and he got on our vent and said some one just got ban from the server can i look into it, before i could look into it i went to the website first and it was already posted in my sig from PBBANS... i have never seen that with PsB. Plus some anti cheat company's do not like you to have 2 diffrent anti cheat software as it may conflict with each other... Believe me all you need is PBBAN and they will take care of you...


SO KUDOS TO PBBANS! :smilie_daumenpos:

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I stream to both and have the best of both worlds, both sites offer different things.


It is possible and once it is set up, there is nothing to worry about, they don't conflict and they both work fine.

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Our streaming method does not interfere with theirs.

You don't have update PBBans bans , simply open Account Manager -> View Servers -> Edit Flags

and tick 'Enforce Bans' option. Hub will check every players that connects to your server against mbi. If hes found on mbi, Hub will send ban command.


MD5 & Cvar checks:

This can't be done so simply as bans. You can use either ours or theirs or merge theirs and ours manually.

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Thanks for the responses.


I've got the servers set to Enforce Bans at present which is running great.


I've also been merging the two sets of configs already, just a bit of a pain to ensure there aren't any duplicate entries.

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I just wonder how PsB detect cheaters with their config.


Like i read there, the CVAR & MD5 check take a certain time (all depends how is set your pulse setting).

So just look at the PsB cvarlist ... it's amazing how some are useless and how long is the list (a cheater can play a whole night without being checked if he is lucky).


So maybe PsB is providing good services (even if it's not my own opinion), but I would say PbBans config is way more efficient (exemple : why checking for cheat cvars 3 years old if it's on the pb multihack violations ?).


My few cents are : do what you want, try, experiment and make your own opinion.

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i use both and dont see alot of lag on our servers


i am one that would see a hacker or cheater banned from as many servers as humanly possible


Cvar list and Dvar list i am working one out for COD 4


pbbans has a few up


1 setting i see that is stumping me a bit


r_picmip IN 0 2


in COD 4

Good Ole Infinity Ward has Modified these from COD 2


now they have

r_picmip "0" // if r_picmip_manual = 0 this is read only

r_picmip_manual "0" // 0 = Automatic settings --- 1 = Manual Settings

r_picmip_bump "0" // if r_picmip_manual = 0 this is read only

r_picmip_spec "0" // if r_picmip_manual = 0 this is read only


on the cvar list is has r_picmip IN 0 2 for the limit which was what was in COD 2


does all of these need to be set to limit the Picmip

or can using the games auto setting be forced on and CVAR listed in PBSV.cfg and still prevent the picmip being removed from maps


i have asked Benway on this in PM but thought to ask for other opinions as well

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Game specific cvars are always just suggestions :)

On a personal level, I always configure my own game/server specific settings and rely on PBBans to take care of the cheat related side of things.


Just to highlight a couple of things in previous post's, our mci manager (Benway) is more like a machine than a man :P I have never known anyone as thoruough and efficient as he is, and when he took over the management of the mci he made very short work of getting rid of a lot of useless checks that served no purpose.

We also have the PBBans Hub that helps us detect the private cheats that are circulating about and when you combine the Hub with the PBBans mci you can rest assured that your server(s) are getting the best protection humanly possible.

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