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The banning of mizipoo69


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Hey i am one of mizipoo69's best friends ive been to his house played on him computer this is sargosjr. ingame and i know that he does not hack he is a very trusted game admin still with =JSF= server and he is a noob no offence to him but he was admining the server and he was in a hacking website where you pay to download them because he checks them to keep up to date on new hacks and new people that have downloaded them so he registers with them to see who downloads them and he had a cookie on one of them note there are like 30 something hack sites and when he went into battlefield2 =CB= server ( wich he admined ) it somehow picked up that cookie and banned him from cb please look at this i was very upset when i found out he was banned please read and try to understand i will give you all the information you need do a check on me if you want i will give you my ingame password and name and u can even check me if you want but i am outraged with the banning of mizipoo69 please uplift the banning of mizipoo69 and all other ( undercover admining ) alias's get back to me here or at www.jsfclanbf2.com or [email protected]

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Got fed up waiting for a response, even though the topic starter has viewed this several times, so I did some digging.


This GUID is globally banned by EvenBalance





Re the global guid ban, this is a ban that is issued directly by EvenBalance themselves and plastered all over the website/forums and appeals link is this information, in one shape or form;



Re the aimbot ban, the player needs to open a troubleticket with EvenBalance and ask one question;

"Is VIOLATION (AIMBOT) #50100 a valid violation ?"

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