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pb screen shots


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hello guys,


im currently running a cod4 server and having problems veiwing screen shots.

now heres what i do and use, please let me know what i can do to better view screen shots.


i either use rcon to force a screen shot or through punkbuster. then the ss is sent into my ftp pbss folder. then i go and take that .png file and transfer it to my pc. i then start up a program i have called SSCHECKER, by orange peel to veiw the screen shots.


thats my way of veiwing. now another question i have is...is this method showing me EXACTLY what the player is seeing? and is there something im missing? any help would be greatly appreciated.

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First, why not get the server streaming to PBBans :P


Secondly, screenshots are a portion of what the player actually sees. Normally of the center of the screen out about 2/3s of the normal game screen.

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If you stream your server to pbbans you will have acces to a forum section where you can post pbss for opinions if there is anything you might have missed or if its anything you think is strange. You can allso see the pbss that the other admins wants opinions about and that is good education... :) pbbans is so much more then the public can see ;)

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Is this the same fritz from RVSat twl? sup

nope sorry, different fritz. i come from a baskground of german ancestory and i remember my grandfather always calling everyone fritzy....of course he was drunk......lol. fritz is just an allias im using. thanx for the info tho guys.

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