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Hi, I was playing on a server earlier when I got banned by an admin. Apparently this screenshot is from my screen:

Posted Image


Guess there is some weird box/window at the top of the screen in the SS. I'm not sure what caused this, I don't cheat. I did have the voice chat program Ventrilo open, and it kinda looks like that box is about the same spot it might be. Although it is difficult to judge how big of an FOV that ss is showing without the HUD, I use 2048x1536 res, don't know if it scales it down or just captures a portion of my screen. The image is also the beginning of the map, dunno if maybe it captured a screen right as the map loaded or what.

It's not that big a deal, but just wanted an opinion of someone from PB of what it could possibly be, or what caused it. I also use AF and AA graphical enhancements, which I know in Return to Castle Wolfenstein really distorted a PB screen. Thanks for any info.

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Kinda looks like a progress bar either for defusing / planting dyno but without looking I can't confirm if this should show on their server under the jaymod mod.

That almost looks like a superimposed xfire window to me.

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Ok it definitely seems to be a teammates health bar upon joining another server and looking for myself. Why it is up near the roof I have no idea. I do think that was taken in warmup though, as that's the original allied spawn and I'm just standing there centerviewed. Ppl always mess around with nades and other explosives, getting blown all over the place, maybe just by chance it took a PB SS right as someone flew by my head. Also the PB SS are only like a 1/4 of my screen or less, made my own server and took some of myself, it only captured the center of my screen, chopping off large areas in all directions, so if it actually showed the whole screen, I bet you'd see a player model above me.


Here's one I took of myself: Posted Image

That was with +stats menu brought down, and as you can see it only got the very bottom, even though I had about 10 different weapon stats, and only a very small area.

Oh and here's one of the health bar: Posted Image

Look familiar???? Stupid newb admin said he contacted an admin here, who confirmed it was a hack. Probably bullshitting though.

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