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Streaming the server


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i was a while back going to stream thru herebut i had to take some time away, we use punksbusted and the auto mbl currently but they have been down for a while now, we will use them when they come back up also but would like to stream both, can this be setup thru BF2CC as i do not use Rcon nor plan to, i have FTP and CC, the setup links i was provided goto a out of date topic it appears can you provide a link to set this up thru CC

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our server is still crashing from the PB updates appears alot of others are as well in BF2, i was asked by the server company to remove all streaming configs, to see is those were a related issue and it apears they are, i removed them and the server has not crashed since, i duno how or why but it appears they do have an affect somewhat to the crashes

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the streaming configs we already had from punksbusted were removed and the server has not crashed since, we have a sponsored server a 2nd one its streamed here, they were asked to cut off auto screens also because of crashing, but later tonight i am going to load the server to stream here and see how it does, i duno if it has something todo with PsB being down or what

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