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MBI and MBL?


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Streaming to more than one anti cheat site has been possible since June 2006 :)


You used to have to download and intergrate both banlist's but now its a simple case of checking the "enforce bans" option via your team account, this has a number of advantages.


1. The Hub checks every connecting player to your server and if that player is on the MBI he gets kicked.


2. The Hub checks every player and not the server, so saving server resources. (very useful if your pbbans.dat has 1000's of bans in it)


3. You do not need to download/update the PBBans banlist, ever.


4. If a server admin inadvertently empties the banlist, players on the MBI will still be prevented from joining your server.


Probably theres a few more advantages but you get the drift :)

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