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Cant update game and server after comp format


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hey people how are you all


wel i had to reinstall my comp and install back F.E.A.R and the server again

but now when i start up punkbuster it wont update it... :mellow:


i get this message over and over


Posted Image


is there something im doing wrong i never had this prob before...

i really love to have Punkbuster on the server and now with out even being able to update the game with PB

i cant join in other servers with PB...


pls hlp

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ok thnx :(

il ask on that thread if there might be a posible way to let the game think its up todate

because most servers have PB on it enabled and i cant enter those any more...!!

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5chaap2k thnx m8 il try it out

and foxdie il set that to 0


thnx guys

wel it make me real sad to see F.E.A.R go out like this first the probs with custom maps ...now this ....

ive got my server up without PB but so many hackers comeon it its insane...

i can hardly play

an if i dont play i get mesagges of my team saying that there is a kids urunning around with ultra high speed killing every body unarmed ......


and al those xs4all server all gone soon !..really ..?


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wel 5chaap2k ive tried it out it dint work i replaced every folder i found that was named pb

with the file you uploaded and still i get kicked ....

some thing about cant find pbag and second time pbcl ??

i dont know am i do anything wrong wich folder did i had to place it in :P just replaced every 1 i found


and Foxdie

i can find that pb_security to set it to 0 ??

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omg i worked tytyty

running PB again on the server and i can enter games with PB again thnx! guys for your hlp



got 1more quick question is there any way to comunicate with the people in the server with out being in the game??

saw a admin do it once ...

but whe i type in the server console , they dont receive it ..

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