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Did your server stop streaming? If so, for how long?


Streaming status is relevant to you making sure your server is up on the streaming list and active, after about 3 days, your status is revoked.


If you've not been involved in hacking, that's likely the case, and it would require you to research a bit into your server, and make sure it is actively streaming.



I've run into a few personal issues with streaming in the past where I simply need to run some rcon commands to get my server active again, and various other admin of streaming servers have run into the same, so it's not the end of the world, here.


This thread should be of a major help, as it's helped me in the past as well.




If you need more help, by all means pm me, or jump on the irc channel. More than willing to help out where I can, and admin here are always around on irc to lend a hand with things.

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You are currently suspended. You no longer have access to this area.



Dunno whats going on here but my server wont show European Seals Unit *cracked* Hardcore mode!!


Posted in the streaming gqame admin section:

Any team found to be streaming a cracked server will have their account removed, server blacklisted and forum user(s) permanently banned.


Also the server information will be reported to InfinityWard / Activision.


If you have a cracked server in your account you are advised to remove it immediately.


Cracked servers disable CDKey checks and let anyone play.

A forum ban may kick in as soon as a review is done by rodeobob.

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A cracked server allows anyone to connect, hacker, cracked cd-key, etc, and does not check for valid registrations of the game. Enough said, those are not welcome here, and won't be streaming. Period!

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