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Player Banned!

Joao van Uden

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Up to the server admin :) Bans from other games aren't carried across by PbBans.

Correct me if i'm wrong but if a player IS banned by pbbans on 1 game then they ARE banned on all streaming games..that is correct isnt it? So, his ban "should" carry from game to game that streams here to pbbans.... no idea how it works but I thought thats how it worked


maybe i'm getting it confused w\ PB\Evenbalance themselves

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If a player's IP is banned in the game RTCW:Enemy Territory can you ban him in cod2 ?


whats the policy used?



best regards :)

To answer his question.. If you ban a player in RTCW:ET by IP he will only be banned in that game.

Pbbans do not ban by IP, but by guid.

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Well I think it would be a real punishment if they would be banned in all games that have punkbuster as anti-cheat programme. But that would be better for players who cheat a lot of times in a lot of different games.

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