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Hey Guys


Not sure if you knew this but cod4tracker.com shows peoples GUID`s which is a little concerning IMHO ... :angry:


I use them to display server info on my website .. <_<


Curious as to peoples thoughts on this .. :huh:

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what do you mean?


a GUID like this.... 71f9b5cdac139607f5d3734cb201b530


which is mine btw, I'm not scared to show it, what can anyone do with it?


I would not post my CD key though


GUID's are generated from the CD key, and it's not meant to be possible to "reverse" the process thus getting someone's cd key from the guid, if that makes sense


A GUID on it's own is fairly harmless for anyone to have...

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If that's the case, what is the difference between an 8 digit GUID and a 32 digit GUID?

Well this sounds simple but really depends A LOT on the reason for storing/displaying/using a GUID


Like a league, we store the full 32 but only show the last 8 (in public), mainly because the last 8 are unique so the other 24 are a waste of space and just look untidy (maybe there is another reason but I dont know it if there is lol)


Also it's easier sometimes just to show 8 as a lot of people think there is some kind of risk to them if someone has their full 32 digit GUID


GUID's are very easy to get, even with only the last 8 (or first 8 I believe at PBBans MPI although never tested myself) you can get the full 32 in minutes (or seconds now on the new server :P )


You can get someones last 8 on any PB server easily without rcon. With rcon, in CoD4 /rcon status shows the full 32 digit GUID, In CoD2 /rcon pb_sv_plist showed all 32 digits of the GUID of all connected players


I think a lot of it comes down to preference and myth, 8 looks better (when displaying on a site for example) and is also unique BUT if the WHOLE GUID was only 8 digits long there would not be enough unique to share around all the players


Myth is that someone can use your GUID just by knowing it or something like that, I can't think of any reason why it should be secret, I mean, if its because you think a server admin will ban you, then he can get your GUID next time you on his server anyway so really thats not going to save you lol


In short, the only difference is what you can see...

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  • 6 months later...

GUID's are based on a hexidecimal equation.




You can research more with above link.


Each are uniquie to the player, for paid for games, free games, or EA-based games might be a bit different, referring to BF-series games. Sorry for the EA guys, but PBBans can't help the bugs in the game.... :(

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