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Recently and old friend of mine told me I have used 21 IP's and have a name called BeerMe in the master player index. Now for these reasons hes stopping me from joining his clan because he thinks im trying to double clan or something. I have found this guys clan and am only a few hours away from talking to him to try and prove to my leader that i am not double clanning. But the main point is, if hes spoofing my IP's and gets caught for hacking or something it'll keep me off servers and I dont want that, so I was wondering how I can work with you guys to get him banned or atleast off my IP's thanks for reading

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Is there any way you could help me verify to the clan leader that the names he sees are not me? Most of the ones there are mine but something like 19 of the IP's are not mine and neither are the beer me names, I'd really appriciate it if you could help me thanks.



EDIT: Or does anyone ahve any ideas on how to prove to the leader that its not me?

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Post the last 8 chars/digits of your pb_guid here.


Log into the game, open console and type /pb_myguid and simply post the last 8 numbers/letters here that apply.

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