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streaming a CRACKED server?


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i found 3 entries with different guids but the same nick/ip banned 3times on the same server

so i dont believe this guy has 3 original keys?

in this case this could be a CRACKED server...


does it make sense to stream a cracked server of cod4?

when everyone can change his key/guid within 2minutes...



VIOLATION (CVAR) #9001 XanaVsem ^2H^7 |

Hub January 18, 2008

12:25:51 pm813936a711f3b4d413d3f4b0b39a7252

VIOLATION (CVAR) #9001 XanaVsem ^2H^7 |

Hub January 18, 2008

12:18:18 pme3e5d9a3ef94cd28d754f79b08ec5a9f

VIOLATION (CVAR) #9001 XanaVsem ^2H^7 |

Hub January 18, 2008

12:14:46 pm

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We will look into it. It's a design flaw in cod4 where if a server is not connected to the master server it won't do cdkey checks cracked or not. I get the same on my stock home development server.


IW needs to fix this tbh.

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The server admin needs to definitely be notified as to how to connect his server to a master. Sounds like he updated to the 1.4 patch and didn't do the mandetory 30 minute shut-down and reboot after, as well as get players on it.


Secondly change the masterserver list in his configs to cod4.


Most of the posted configs show the masterserver list as cod2 because someone decided to copy his cod2 server.cfg over to cod4 to use it, and while it works, didn't update enough things to make them work properly.


// Master servers

set sv_master1 "cod2master.activision.com"

set sv_master2 "cod2authorize.activision.com"

set sv_master3 "cod2master.infinityward.com"

set sv_master3 "cod2update.activision.com"

set sv_master4 "master.gamespy.com:28960"

set sv_master5 "master0.gamespy.com"

set sv_master6 "master1.gamespy.com"

set sv_master7 "clanservers.net"

set sv_gamespy "1"


This is an example. All Masters need to be changed to COD4 to work properly in your server.cfg or what-ever you've named the file and exec.

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  • 2 weeks later...

the master server is hardcoded in cod4 and no sv_masterX will work.


it's a dvar called authServerName

Another thing that still needs fixed , and i can't believe that it has not been fixed after 4 pathches is the pb_sv_guidrelax 7 issue.

I Run a script on our servers which changes it back to 0 , after map restarts etc, but there are many servsr out there that don't , as i see quite a few people getting kicked from our server for duplicate cd keys.

This needs to get fixed, and i know PB has changed versions a few times since cod4 launch,, which sugests to me that it is a cod4 scripting problem.

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