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PunkBuster permanent ban...


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Hi every body,


since last update of PB im getting kicked for this reason:


"Server Disconnected - PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this Game Server for player"


thats all, no specific 'player'


On evenbalance.com adviced me to check Master Ban list at PBBans and Punksbusted. But at your site I didnt find any BAN and punksbusted.com is n/a.


So can you please tell me where is problem?


My PBguid: b84aee34

My ETPro guid: 866A8CB6EE15B791B87781A9B9FA202CA5FAD28F


ETPro guid is propably banned, because I have changed PBguid and my IP is dynamic, but PB still kicks me.

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pbbans does not ban based on etproguid. We ban by pbguid's only.


Atm, we're not streaming live, so if this is within the last week, it can't be us that's giving you the ban.


I won't speak for other a/c sites, not my place. Just what is happenning here atm, we didn't ban you, pretty sure of that issue, as our ban-list won't update without streaming, etc.


There are some current issues with the latest pb update, though, for ET, so you may want to start by updating your pb for installed games with pbsetup.exe found at www.evenbalance.com, or put in a ticket with them again, if your problem continues.

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well thanks for reply... I know that BAN is not from PBBans, but i thought that you are connected with other one site, I thought that is only one Master Ban List.


So I tried to set pb_security "from 0 to 1" and the whole message from PB when he kicks me is:


"Server Disconnected - PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this Game Server for player 'eb>nikol!' ... GLOBAL PunkBuster HARDWARE BAN 1691f826"


So question is. Is that evenbalance or punksbusted? I dont know, but I think that HW ban can do only evenbalance, do not? I reopen trouble ticket at evenbalance also.


You dont want to talk about punksbusted maybe, but thanks for any info if they can do HW bans, or where I can find my BAN and where I can give appeal.

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all hardware bans are issued by EvenBalance and no one else.. You would have to contact EvenBalance.


PBBANS nor PsB can issue Hardware Bans


Topic closed.

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