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server not updating punkbuster automatically


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the server under hostname bunker1.aaxxss.com is not updating pb automtically as far as I see.


At least, the symptoms are the following, happened now twice in 4 days:


the server crashes on player connecting, starts up again (thx to restart script), loads first map from campaign.

And it seems that it runs until a player does connect.


The first time it happened I checked logs, settings, didnt find anything. Then somebody had the Idea to update pb. I did and it worked again without problem. It also had to update stuff. Today the same.


There are also some other server, b2, b3, b4,b5, b8,... and they all have no problem at all.

I looked for a setting about automatic update, but there was just a manual update to force it...


Any help is welcome!


edit: it crashes not on connecting, it crashes mostly very soon after a player has connected. like 30 seconds. If none connects it continues to run as it seems..

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dedicated server, linux, I have ssh access for the et stuff..

and the games is

Enemy-Territory 2.60b

with etpub 0.6.5, no omnibot.

light version of etadmin mod..

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htm files go in the htm folder inside of your pb folder, just to make sure you get them in the right place.


If you've just installed ET on this box, a manual update will be required, as I've noted in the past with my own servers. Once the new htm files are in place, it should update on it's own just fine.

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PunkBuster Security Files

The following files are only needed if your PunkBuster doesn't update by itself. Right click the appropriate link below and choose "save as" to your "pb" folder - make sure the file you save is saved with the filename shown below.

# For Players Filename: pbsec.htm

# For Admins Filename: pbsecsv.htm

fix for stubborn servers (not game or mod specific):

- do a clean local update (rename /pb e.g. to pb_old, run pbsetup on the local installation),

- add the pbsecsv.htm and pbsvnew.so (for linux servers) from pb update site http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=dl-GAME.php to /pb (not pb/htm)

- ftp the fresh contents of /pb and /pb/htm to server's pb_sv_HomePath resp. pb_sv_HomePath/htm

- [/Rcon] pb_sv_update ... and wait a few minutes (pb will compile runtimes from .htm ! )

- [/Rcon] pb_sv_restart

- [/Rcon] pb_sv_Ver

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