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Welcome Back .. Take 2


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Welcome back to PBBans. After a two week "vacation" we are now back and ready to bust the cheating punks again.


All systems are online including the MPI, Streaming, the works. New game based signatures are also live. Please check your servers in the account manager to be sure you're good to go.


We are still working out the bugs as we redid our server structure. So welcome back everyone.


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Yeah its defo been a big miss, welcome back and thanks for all the work behind the scenes. Our server is again streaming and I can sleep better at night.


Ban the lot of em I say :rulez: :ban:

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Good job guys and congrats on the quick resurrection. Its a shame people have to be destructive and I sure hope they pay for their actions. Anyhow glad to have you guys back up and rolling and look foward to adding some bans to the list...

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Welcome back to everyone at pbbans we've missed you :D

(well we have as admins , not sure about certain people in the gaming community have ;) )


Thnx for all the hard work guys B)

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