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Link seems to be broken. :mellow:


Works for me :)

Here is what E-Dom have to say about PBBans.


Euro Domination (E-Dom) is a competition with leagues for Call of Duty 2 and 4 (CoD2/4). After the release of PunkBuster (PB) for CoD2, we were looking into the advantages of streaming. At that point, we understood that it was about sending PB server logs to a central repository hosted by an anti-cheat organisation. They would parse the logs, and put the PB GUIDs (a sequence of characters that uniquely identifies a player) that were kicked by PB for certain violations on a ban list. This ban list could be downloaded and placed on the game server by the server administrator. That way, any hacker that got caught on a streaming server, could be banned from all streaming servers.

The first problem we faced is that there are different anti-cheat organisations. Relevant parties for us were PunksBusted (PsB), Game-Violations (GV) and PBBans. PsB had by far the largest player database and most catches at that point for CoD2. GV was smaller but got most (if not all) of its streaming servers from ClanBase (CB), as CB required all servers to stream to GV. PBBans was relatively unknown in the CoD scene at that point, but had already gained a significant foothold in games such as Battlefield and RTCW: Enemy Territory.

In E-Dom, we wanted to make streaming mandatory as well. We soon found out that streaming to PsB or GV is mutually exclusive: a server can only stream to either PsB or GV. This could lead to issues with clans also playing in CB (where GV streaming is required) and clans also playing in a league where PsB streaming is required. Making a choice would basically rule out half of the clans, or at least make things very complicated for them.

Then there was PBBans that brought us the solution: multi-streaming. PBBans uses a different and much more advanced streaming method. Traditional anti-cheat organisations such as PsB and GV use repository streaming. This means that a server can stream to one repository at a time. Streaming to a

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