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Aimbot violation


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Hi I had a player named adam on server and he was kicked for using an aimbot for two minutes just after he got on.I checked the server logs for his guid and checked it here and he had just been added by another server so no problem, but while looking at log came across this one which isnt on ban list

[01.27.2008 18:55:26] VIOLATION (AIMBOT) #50120: name here (slot #11) Violation (AIMBOT) #50120 [guid here(VALID) ip here].What do I need to do next as this entry is all I have.Thanks.

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The only thing that you can do is ban him locally, as Maydax already said streaming was ofllne on that date.

We had a few too during the outage, so we just added them to our local ban list.

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We had a similar situation, luckily we were streaming to PsB as well so both ours were added to thier database.


Gives me a little comfort as I thought two would slip through the net...

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hi a clanmate off my came in the cod4 server and was banned before he could pick a spot?

he just bought the game trough ebay.

now he played 2 day,s and we are never cheating becuase it lame ;

we want to play it togheter and i want to know .(because i ordered the game could be here any day now)

is it possible that pb does anything wrong in the case?

we play aao and bf2 cod we never cheat !!!

who can help me ?

i never had problems before with pb ?

please check the name fixismael its to expansive game for being wronly accused

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i have this he played first in februari and the game was first seen in 12 januari

xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>

- <MPI>

<GUID>19da8aae6d5fb7c53c7859966b6064e5</GUID> ??

<Game>Call of Duty 4</Game>

- <AliasData>


<FirstSeen>Jan 12, 2008 at 8:37 am</FirstSeen>

Dron is not his username and then he had the game not. how can i check the ip of that dron dude?

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Ok thanks, just banned him locally.Also while i remember since we began streaming again we no longer get the list of players banned by pbbans showing up on screen,how do i fix this.

Team account / view servers / edit flags / check announce new bans flag.

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Or, he bought a copy of the game with a banned guid through e-bay. That would suck for him as that guid will remain banned I'm sure.

It looks like your friend brought a copy of the game already banned, your only course of action would be to complain to ebay, probably due to this info not being disclosed in the ebay advert. You won't get that GUID unbanned as this could be a ruse (i'm not saying it is, but the Possibility exists), like many cheaters who have used many wild and wonderful excuses to get unbanned.


Your best bet is to complain to ebay and try to get a refund and buy a sealed copy of the game (retail).

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