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First off, Hi


I was wondering if i could get some kind of "official" response from PBbans on the following commands used either via the console or through additions to the config_mp file:


waypointconheight 15

waypointiconwidth 15




cg_fov 80



The fist amends the height and width of the "waypoint" icons such as "Target A", "Target B", "Capture" "Defuse" "Bomb" etc - The standard size is 36x 36 but can be a PITA obscuring areas and i particular the target points, this can be remedied by lowering the icon size as above.


The second increases the Field of View from the standard 65 to 80


Both of these are non protected cvars that can be amended through console or altering your players config.


Punkbuster / Evenbalance have suggested, in on open ongoing ticket, that an admin cvar check could result in a kick / local ban, but a "third party" AntiCheat measure may ban for this.


I am trying to establish various bodies opinions on this and would welcome PBB's thoughts / stance


Many thanks



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A friend of mine uses cg_fov 80 with no problems - no kicks or bans: and he frequents on my server which streams to PBBans - complete with CVAR checks.


I think it may depend which CVAR checks other admins have set up. Not sure about the others.

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The only thing that will incur an addition to the MBI is a cheat related cvar/MD5 scan or banable PB violation.


Everything else is at the server admins discretion and will result in a short kick for none compliance.

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