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Should We?


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I was just curious to know if other admins tell players of their servers that the server is being streamed to PBbans.


We run a scrolling message in the server the states.


"CHEATER BEWARE: This server is streaming to PBBans.com"


I am beginning to think maybe this is stopping some bans because the people leave the server when they see it and go to another server to use their hacks. I am not sure and was just thinking.


Really I am curious if other admins run a similar message in game or not.


I mainly did it when I started streaming because I am proud that we stream our servers and want everyone on the server to know it's safe. But I want to catch the losers that hack and not let them get away a ruin a good server that is not streaming.


Thanks for all the comments in advance.


Malicious Mafia

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From personal aspects,, i like the element of suprise.... althou the average guy knows you have pb on because they need to enable it the average cheater knows how to get around pb,,,hell,,they dont scan for much anyway...the suprise part now,,,,all the cvar\md5 checks pbbans streams,,,that scares off cheaters,,if they think its just pb they will join you and "suprise" ..they get busted ;]

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I run "We stream our logs to PBBans and PunksBusted."


I've been streaming for a year and you can see in my sig that I have no catches yet. My main purpose is to keep cheaters off MY server. If that simple message is doing the trick, then that makes my job a whole lot easier.

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i use we stream to pbbans if you cheat you will be cought. sometimes i think i should take it off to catch them but like rock n roll said if it keeps them out good. But then again we should try and get them.

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We stream PsB and PbBans. We tried putting a message up and it gets rather annoying. When a ban is scrolled in our server there was actually one guy asked if we had just banned the guy from trying to get in. The color and the announcement speaks louder than any message.


My teammates actually cheer each time a new player is caught and the scrolling ban comes up.

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Thank you again for the replies.


I was thinking of removing it but wanted some more info and I think I will keep it flying for now.


I feel like I want to catch the loser hackers so they don't move on is why I was going to remove my message but like it was mentioned if the message alone keeps them away then it's all good with me.



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We don't stream a message saying it, however when you connect you do get the whole message list from PB checking your settings.


Besides, just about everyone knows that we stream to PB, and if a cheater doesn't see that then he'll get caught and banned. We almost always have a RCON user online (either in game or on msn), so anytime a suspected hacker is on we just demo and SS them, and if they are cheating its time for the ban-hammer.

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