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America's Army Repo Depot


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On behalf of Combat Life Savers, I would like to release for public use the AA Repo Depot. We do not nor wish to try and compete with the already excellent existing databases. We simply want to add to that arsenal, so that every server and clan admin is afforded the best possible tools, protection and resources there are.


With your help and continued support, we can take this latest tool to the front lines in our battle with hacks/cheats. We have opened our ban and background search engine for public use. As well as there are some cool features like the Repo Depot Server Watch, that will require applying. Doing so takes only seconds....... All features can be viewed on home page of the repo.


You can find the AAO Repo Depot @



Support can be found @






Here are some banners you can use for linking on your home site/forum or signature.






























AA Repo Depot Official Evenbalance Repository

I would like to aslo thank PBBans for their consideration in allowing the AA Repo Depot to be part of this community and their streaming HUB. I could only venture to say that this is going to be a great friendship.


Until fully discussed and decided on by the Staff of PBBans, I am adding the streaming commands as an optional method until and or approved to be part of the HUB. Again this is optional and for use until a decision has been reached by the Staff here. At which time we will all have the option within your setup here to stream or not to the AA Repo Depot.


;// - streaming to Repo Depot - //

pb_sv_LogUser "Enter Server Name"

pb_sv_LogAddr ""

pb_sv_LogPort 24389







Dean Schultz

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While not an AA player, I'm glad to see y'all willing to work with us, and will definitely put in my two cents worth to get a co-operation working amongst us.


Any anti-cheat site working with another is something that only makes our anti-cheat cause stronger, and will shorten the leash on which servers cheats can run on.


Perhaps one day we will achieve our supreme goal of being completely cheat-free, in the games we love, for now, working together makes us one step closer to that potential reality.


We thank you for the opportunity to work with you, and help provide more options for shutting the crackers down.

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As of today, the Repo Depot will be offering through it's member panel the option for the Repo Depot admin to download in .dat format a current combined AC master banlist. PBBans,AASA,AON and ACI are the 4 top AC's that are included in this combined master banlist.


This combined .dat list will contain no duplicates and is updated once daily.


If your not a member, simply apply for approval and access.





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I can announce that PBBans now offer our Streaming Game Admins the opportunity to have their streaming server logs forwarded to the Repo Depot.


The benefits of this are of course that the net will become ever tighter for the punks that choose to ruin our games.

With the combined information of all streaming logs, Repo Depot can keep track of players with far greater accuracy, punks will have less places to hide and server admins can be warned and informed; And the people that benefit will of course be you - the admins and players :)


I would like to thank Repo Depot for their support and willingness to work with PBBans and the Hub - a very innovative and exceptional tool. I am sure that it will indeed be a fruitful and rewarding friendship. :D





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Thanks to PBBans and all members here for allowing the AA Repo Depot to become part of this great family and community. I hope that this new friendship grows leaps and bounds.


Again much thanks for the acceptance and to those who voluntarily choose to stream/forward their logs to the Repo Depot.



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Just wanted to take the time and thank those who support any tool that helps the server admin keep their clans and servers cheat/hack free.


We currently have from kick off, 40 PBBans HUB streamers :o . If you wish to be part of this revolution and do what you can to help the fight and stream here to PBBans, then please take a few moments and check the AA Repo Depot option box, as one of your recipients for streaming via your account management cpanel.


If your a repo admin already, then you can view the streaming page to check your streaming status @ the Repo Depot . If not yet registered, it only takes a minute to apply.




A Sincere thank's again to the AA community and server admins for their support and friendships .




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:) That time again for another BIG Thank ;) You to those that have been and continue to support the AA Repo Depot. We are just about to reach our half way point to our goal of 100 streaming servers via PBBans HUB.


The AA Repo Depot Toolbar is now available for use and is constantly being updated with new features and suggestions by the public. That toolbar download is available @..........









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Good Morning PBBans staff, members and visitors. I just wish to thank all of you for your support over the past year for the AA Repo Depot. Today we have reached our 2 million entry mark, I could not have done this without you.


I also wish to apologize for being so absent from here as of late. I have been unfortunately as some of you may know, been battling the return of my cancer "NHL". So my summer's schedule has been quite full. Well I have some good news there, the cancer once again is approx 95% completely resolved. I am now leaving as of tonight for UMMC in Baltimore to have a stemcell transplant. This transplant will ensure that this "bleeping :blink: " cancer never returns.


No pity parties needed, unless you like parties :lol: . I just wanted you all "the ones who support and help grow the Repo Depot" to know and be updated as best as possible. I will be gone for another month for this, and plan on being back home by the end of September. I will have a few months of recoup time where I will be limited to staying inside home. However that is a good thing and will allow me to be with online friends and game all day and night........ :o "shhhh dont tell the wife that" :unsure:


Thanks again for your support and keep the servers streaming... ;)





aka Dean

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Dean, Glad to hear that you are nearly out of the woods. I hope the transplant goes well and everything is successful :)


Take care and you know where to find us when you need us - or even when you dont :D


All the best from PBBans.





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Upcoming Website Update

New Website Release

Soon, we will be releasing a new version of the website.




Logging System

The new version will contain a new logging system.

This system will log the IP addresses and host of each user.

This will help the admins to declare who is "sharing" accounts, as this is forbidden.

Any user's caught "account sharing" will receive a warning email.

This warning email will advise the account owner that someone else is using their account.

If the "account sharing" continues, the account will be removed.


Membership application

Until the new site is released, the Membership Application will be disabled.

In the new membership application system, the server will run a background check on the applicant.

If the background check is clean, the account will be activated, if the server cannot find any history for the player, the application will be queued for admin review.


Clan System

When the new site is released, all clans will be removed, and will need to be created or joined via the user control panel.

The user can also opt not to register their clan.



What are the bennfits of registering a clan?

Registered clans and their members will have access to "Clan Only Tools".

These tools are built speficaly to scan registered clan servers.

Also, registered clans, that do not have any banned, or linked banned accounts will have the option of placing a "Repo Depot Certified" logo on their site.

This logo acknowledges the fact that the particular clan is "Cheat Free!"


New BG Check Search Engine

The new search engine will be designed for speed, making searches faster.

In addition, more search options will be added, to filter out the unwanted results.


New Server Watch

The Server watch will be updated to load faster.

It will also contain new features (Sorry, no sneak peak here :P ).


New PBSS Viewer

Not much to say about this one, You'll have to see for yourself, so stick around!


We expect all of these changes, and the new version to be completed before the end of the month.


So in the meantime, please make sure that your email address is valid.




Thanks, AAO Repo Depot Dev Team

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Just alittle update...


The new version is coming along, seems the more that is done, the more you find to do. Finishing up now on the last project, checking to ensure our T's are crossed and i'd dotted. Once this is done within the next say 5-6 days, we will be opening it up for the gaming clan/admin.


The new system already surpasses the speed of the existing site. Some of the old features have stayed with some upgrades and tweaking. While some of changed completely.


I would like to comment on one of those now just alittle. To better server the AA community, only those server admins/clans who stream to the Repo Depot will have access to their AA server viewer, via the Repo Depot. The system will be automated to grab the logs received here from PBBans, and create an up to date streaming server list.


From this page one can click on their or anothers streaming server, to view "live" play. The bells and whistles that will eventually make up this server viewer will be unique to the Repo Depot Admin only.! As well the Home page will have a "Who's Online Playing" based off the streamed logs, plus much. much more.... I have already said to much....... :blink:


I want to and will get this out to you ASAP. In the meantime please make sure you are streaming to the AA Repo Depot, so that you may enjoy all of the beneifts that come with being a Repo Depot Admin upon release. If your not streaming, then please consider streaming via the HUB and doing so by activating it via your server management here @ PBBans.




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Okay fellow clan leaders, server admins and geberal pubbers. I can no longer wait and I am putting the this out. The AA Repo Depot v3 is now LIVE.!!


Excuse the mess for the next few days, as I continue to cross my T's and dot my i's. Remember to get the full benefit and use of all the Repo Depot's features, all you have to do is stream via the HUB here @ PBBans.


Please feel free to post comments, suggestions both good and bad here or @ our support forums




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To all those that have supported me and the AA Repo Depot, I sincerely thank you. I unfortunately have had to make the decision to shut down the Repo Depot due to health "cancer" issues once again. I wish to use the time I have more wisely and spend it with my online gaming clan friends and RL family.


Again I thank you all for your support over the years.



Dean Schultz


aka [CLS]_Airborn328

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To all those that have supported me and the AA Repo Depot, I sincerely thank you. I unfortunately have had to make the decision to shut down the Repo Depot due to health "cancer" issues once again. I wish to use the time I have more wisely and spend it with my online gaming clan friends and RL family.


Again I thank you all for your support over the years.



Dean Schultz


aka [CLS]_Airborn328


Best of luck Dean, keep up the fight Bro.

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