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Any idea what this is


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A member in my clan keeps getting kicked for this.

you have been kicked via punkbuster (0 mintures) ... RESTRIOTION: inadeauate 0/S privileges

we tried to update PB and it didn't work. anyone know what it is and what might be done to fix it?

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Does this happen to be BFV??? or reg BF ??


If it is ... there is a new PB upgrade today that now requires the game player to have Admin rights on there Operating System.


In english that means if you have accounts set up on your computer ... the one that YOU the gamer uses has to be Admin of the Operating system


You can read up on this update at www.evenbalance.com




Hope this is the answwer your looking for if not, maybe some one else can offer a solution.

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Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2004 7:50 pm    Post subject:     




Yes, please register here. 

I see you visiting here alot, you like the cloak of darkness rather then sharing your knowledge with others ??



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most players do not realise that with the latest PB update (Wednesday 06.02.2004 [1:30PM] )they must be running windows while logged on as administrator , this is to enable some cheat detection routine that wont work otherwise



Frequently Asked Questions about PunkBuster for

Return to Castle Wolfenstein


Why does PunkBuster now require players to run the game as an administrator under WinXP/2K?


Because some cheats/hacks cannot be detected otherwise.




Is there some way to modify my system configuration to be an administrator equivalent from PunkBuster's perspective?


Yes (under Win XP Pro or Win 2K). This can be accomplished by setting certain privileges for the user that will run the game. To do this, first temporarily log in as an Administrator. Then go to Control Panel => Administrative Tools => Local Security Policy. This will open up the Local Security setting window. Expand the Local Policies folder and select User Rights Assignment. This will bring up a list of security settings for the computer. You will need to add the user that will be launching the game to have the following privileges. If the user is logged in while making changes, the user must be logged out and back in for the changes to take effect.



Debug Programs

Load and unload device drivers

Manage auditing and security log

Modify Firmware environment values

Profile Single Process

This is done by double clicking on the setting and then the "Add User or Group" button. You can either type the user or group name into the field or click on advanced to select from a list. If you select advanced, you may need to click on the "Object Types" button and make sure all 3 boxes are checked. Then click "OK". Click on the "Find Now" button to generate a full list of all users and groups on the system. Highlight the user you want to add the rights to and click "OK". Keep clicking "OK" untill you are back at the Local Security Settings window. Repeat this process for the rest of the list. That user will now be able to play on PB servers without getting kicked for "Inadequate O/S Privileges".


thats for anyone too lazy to click the link and find it :D

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It should also be noted this applys to ET's PB also. I once saw 20+people try and get kicked from a server for lack os OS privlidges.


Guess this almost nulls the excuse "Someone else used my comp"

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