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PB Cheat/Hack Violations explanations


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Hi, I was reading through the PunkBuster manuals and I came across the classification of cheats as follows:


Cheat/Hack Violations


When PunkBuster detects a cheat or hack by repeated positive identification on a player's computer, a violation is raised. These violation numbers are 50000 and higher. Families of cheats are listed below. Resolution: Remove cheats and hacks from the computer.


#50000s - Aimbot

#60000s - Wallhack

#70000s - Multihack

#80000s - Gamehack

#90000s - 'Cheat' Video Drivers

#100000s - Speedhack

#110000s - Autofire

#120000s - Game Hook

#130000s - Attempted PunkBuster Hack


With regards to this, I was wondering if it were possible if someone could provide me with an explanation as to what those cheats are, and what they do?


Though some I have a rough understanding on what they do based on their names (Aimbot, Wallhack, 'Cheat' Video Drivers, Speedhack, Autofire, and Attempted PunkBuster Hack), the others I can't seem to make sense out of (Multihack, Gamehack, and Game Hook).


Thank you.



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Actually I tried looking through google before I posted here, but I unfortunately was unable to find any explanations on what Multihacks, Gamehacks, and Game Hooks were (maybe perhaps I just wasn't putting enough or the right keywords for the search). :P


That's why I decided to post here in this forum.


Just an addition, I'm not really looking for specific cheats. Rather, I just want to know what they mean/do so just in case I'm playing, and I come across any of these cheats, I'll at least know why.

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You will not find anything more than you already have found, hence the basic list for violations, only concern is #5000 or higher, who is directly hack related.

Reason is simple EB holds those cards close to their chest and will not be given out public for any reason.

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I'll add to that last post, a bit.


Bottom line, while PBBans works with evenbalance, we're not evenbalance.


We work with them to help detect cheats, and do share information, but ultimately, they are the masters, when it comes to this, and perhaps some cards are best kept to our-selves.


Evenbalance can't begin to do the job they do, if they make everything public, nor can any a/c site begin to help them, if they do so, as well. May as well just open the doors and let the a/v world fight more crackers at that point.


EvenBalance does a fantastic job, and I am greatful for their existance.


Perhaps be more worried about what other "groups" are doing out there to try and fend off ac-detection.


And in a humorous light of things.... "Acting as the Bartles and James" of ac, we thank you for your support. ;) :P

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