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To Kick Or Not To Kick


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after talkin to bob about my situation, i think id rather just put it out in the open here... My former clan TbT, has determined that i should be released from them because of the following screenshot.... they say an admin called it questionable, saying that the numbers are coordinates of other players on the map....




so after they showed me this, i did some research and found that i was specing while this shot was taken during a scrim... i pulled my console down also....


then i took another screen shot of myself in a random server in spec mode just to prove that those numbers arent "coordinates of other players on the map"......






now i've highlighted what i seen as "coordinates" and thats all i have to say about that so judges if u would please...

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Based on the images above, I would agree that you were viewing the console messages.


However, keep in mind that we do not pass judgement on images that are posted and do not come from servers streaming to PBBans.


This is solely a personal opinion and not an opinion of PBBans.com

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numbers are coordinates of other players on the map....




That is absolutely a console line. Not a cheat or hack. Any admin that uses the console should know that.

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Its the console. Lets say they were coordinates. What advantage would that give you?


As earlier I posted a produced PBSS of my self as an answer to what it could be, and its nothing more than the server giving out info on what is going on. And you are right, what advantage would you get on seeing a bunch of numbers (grid)on your screen, those kiddies who use hacks will for sure not hehe.

As an retired army man, I know how hard it can to orient by grid or coordinates given while driving vehicles who are given to you, never the less in a game where you have no use of them.

Those who still claim this is hack is just ignorant, uninformed mental midgets, ignore them as they might learn this when times goes by.

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If that is the sum total of the 'evidence' against you, and the the admin responsible cannot see the his error, then I would suspect that they were looking for an excuse to get rid of you, as you certainly didn't the receive the benefit of the doubt. Not that there's much doubt, based on the above!

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Sure seems like you are better off out of that clan. Sounds like the admins are real newbs. What you do own the guy a little bit too much. LOL

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I agree with everyone else here - But unfortunately this is what you get when you allow 12 year olds to run servers :P


Find yourself a better clan mate, you will be better off without them and their completely, utterly, awfully inept admins.

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