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My question isn't regarding the common "Black Bug", more moreso the fact that I didn't remove the Screenshot details myself, this is how they're returned from 1 individual, with the 32 digit GUID, alias and server details completely whited out. Has anyone come across this before (link please)? I'm leaning towards some sort of blocker, however I've never seen anything like it before.


It only occurs on 1 player.


Feedback Appreciated.

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(link please)?

... in streaming admins private forums only.


We have seen these quite often with black as well regular pbss.

Don't lean, get proof (demo). The only related hacks known used to change part (Guid + nick) of the info block, what always gave nice evidence ... with the correct info to be found in the pb server logs (pbss and log entry is 100% matched by MD5-fingerprint).


Is this the response PBBans got from EB?

obviously not (too clear, they just suggest to ban for ss that show a obvious hack ;P ... what is no bad advice btw), But here is my response: there is no positive proof for a hack detour. As we arrived at guessing: put my money on borked screen font on low specs system; the resource hunger of vista might help here as well.

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