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The need for PBB


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Hey guys


I am new to this so please forgive my ignorance.


My understanding of PBB and Punkbuster is:


Punkbuster is an Anti Cheat program that detects cheats and removes them from servers but does not host a database of these players so these players could potentiallly remove there hack / cheat and rejoin the game?


PBB Hub is that database it detects the players who have been removed for hacking / cheating on PBB streaming servers and affilates and adds them to its database with proof of there ban. Therefore people on the database will not be able to enter PBB servers after there ban.


Would these two statements be correct?


I am in work at the moment but once I'm at home I will start streaming our server.. but the reason for the question is I am an admin in a League. The league is currently a MoH:AA League that is moving into BF2 and COD4 and its starting to grow sucessfully. I have just introduced player checks this means all players wanting to play in the leagues have to give the GUID's which I then check through your site but I would really like to get all Clans in the leagues streaming to PBB. Therefore I need to be able to explain clearly why they should do it hence the statement above.


Thanks for your time. :D


PS: Would it be possible for a league co-ordinator to get intouch with me to see if we can become affiliated, we are a European League.

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You're right about these two things.


More precisely, PunkBuster Server (the program that runs on your gameserver) has a tiny database for local bans : the pbbans.dat file. But this file works only with one gameserver. So the purpose of PBBans is to get the bans from all streaming servers into one database : the MBI.


About league affiliation, RoadWarrior will handle that part. :)

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Thanks for this guys I have explained it to everyone in a post on the league forum I will start to chase this up now and start to get people actually streaming.


I have responded to your pm RoadWarrior.


I love how quick you guys react.

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We aim to please, here. Part of the quality in our slogan is to be pro-active and to be helpful. Once you get that dedi-box of yours up and streaming, we should be able to wrap things up. :)

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Hello peeps :)


I'm representing Clans United, I currently do the account checking for Medal of Honor, and am doing the same for all PB games. I'll be asking 4ndy to give me a hand :)


Also representing CU is Dr Box, our ace server administrator. He currently looks after about 20 servers, hosted on our box and elsewhere - a nice guy and all round technical wizard ;) He has our clan servers, -:Uis:-, and CU servers streaming to PBBans and PsB.


Our CoD4 season is due to start soon, and we are part way through a BF2 season. I've already spoken with RoadWarrior, about league inclusion. We are working towards getting all clans to stream their servers, and look forward to working with you to keep games clean.

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