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How to find an admin?


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This theme has to do with helping with cheaters when you are just a player. I am well aware that the best course is to contact the server’s admin. I cannot seem to find one listed or just don't know where to look. Many of the players are very upset and it is causing havoc with the gaming. I would generally go to another server but this one offers my lowest ping.


Could you funnel these questions to the appropriate forum?


The server in question is Mechanized Satan IP69.9.170.50:28960


1. How do I find if it is streaming to PB? What indication is there?


2. How do I find the admin for this particular server (if one exists) to report this mess and/or encourage them to start streaming to PB.


I would appreciate any help getting started with this issue.





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Streaming Server Check





Server was not found


Thanks for the response. I could not find what I was looking for from your link. I notice that the COD2 server Mechanized Satan is hosted by NoGhost.net. I went to their site to see if I can find the admin for this particular server. No luck but I sent a general email to NoGhost in hopes. Is it possible that there is no admin for Mechanized Satan? I hope not but it would explain the problems. Your thoughts?



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Someone has to be running the server, otherwise, it wouldn't be there? :)


Were there any scrolling messages pointing you to their website?

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