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Clan Member Banned


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I own the ET clan LoneWolf and I have a question about one of our clan members being banned by punkbuster. The violation is "VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002" but I do not understand what exactly this is. He has been a solid member of our clan for a good while now and I want to do what I can to help him but first I need to know what this violation is about. I have done searches online that do not give any valid information on what this is. Any help with understanding this would be greatly appreciated.




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Please post the ban link.






First a point of information.

A ban must be appealed by the player who raised the violation.

Furthermore, all MD5 scans that are in the PBBans MCI (Master Config Index) are cheat related.

Your players pbguid was detected with a known cheat .exe in the game directory.

All bans are placed by pbguid only.

It's a 100% valid catch confirmed by the streamed MD5 hash (digital fingerprint) and as such will not be removed from the PBBans MBI.

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