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Various PB bugs...


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Well, over the past day we've noticed numerous kicks from PB towards numerous players (over 100 different players), for 2-3 reasons.





Now, I've been playing ET for years, never had a problem. In fast, I was on ET for 4-5 hours not even 24 hours ago, again no problem. I try to play today, same server, nothing changed at all (pc wasn't even on between times), and I'm kicked ever 2 minutes...


I believe it is restricted driver 11025 (could 110125)... I switch between an nvidia 7600 and an nvidia 8900, depending upon which PC I'm on... Same problems for both. I also know people who, with teh same driver, have no problems, and others who have problems with ATI drivers...

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yeah i've been seeing the same thing on my server and friends servers. everyone... just about everyone is getting kicked for #9006 bad comunication error or whatever the exact name for the error is.


People would join my server and say they got kicked from our friends servers before they got kicked off mine. We all have dead servers now.....


Just a few days ago everything was fine.


A couple people that i know of even updated PB and are still having problems ?????

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I, personally, haven't had an issue with the kicks and haven't had anyone booted from my server for it, either. However, there are a lot of complaints that this is occuring.


I'd suggest sending in a trouble ticket to EvenBalance (send it as a player, not an admin) to get the issue resolved.

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Hello all!


Im new on this forum, and I don't knew where can I post this comment. Yesterday on KW server (Enemy Territory), where I play, many player (10-15) got/now get too problem with PB. Including my clanmate too. The problem is: when he play PB write it: pb client: 0/5 exception notice. When he get kicked from server write this: violation (ignoring queries) #9006. Please anybody help me to I can help to other players on KW server, because they can't play. Thank you!

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is O/S not 0/5 :P as in operating system .. used to get that alot when norton was beign run ..but not had it on pc in ages but now i'm getting o/s priv again :9 probably a pb update thats messed it all up .......AGAIN

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I connected to the |>B<| #1 server and didn't experience any issues. Has the problem now gone away, or are you continuing to experience these problems?


If the problem still exists for some of your players, send the rcon command 'pb_sv_ver' and see what it returns. An update for PB (server side) was released on Monday 23rd June, and the result should show that the server is running version v1.673.

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TCE (MOD ET) - same problem...

PunkBuster Server: PunkBuster Server (v1.673 | A1382 C2.072)



[06.26.2008 17:11:40] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: mohamed (slot #11) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [7a45dde1d616819edaefed89d5af69c9(?)]

[06.26.2008 17:11:50] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: killcar5000 (slot #10) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [9155d5ea7f23f13dd61f2595e68e5969(?)]

[06.26.2008 17:13:17] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: judgejudy (slot #10) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [680a727ba4b6bcb8726ea4baff89d3bc(VALID:1)]

[06.26.2008 17:14:46] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: Blindfisch (slot #10) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [666c1b52545d03d11925552565411724(?)]

[06.26.2008 17:17:12] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: ^iEudios (slot #22) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [a5f6c83a8586d0f9d43a940710a99a98(VALID:58)]

[06.26.2008 17:17:35] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: ^yC7^_|^yZ^1a^yargh^_.pl^7[^1R^7 (slot #10) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [e992336eca3f91f08958b144065047ff(?)]

[06.26.2008 17:18:10] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: Shadomak (slot #23) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [4c25423694b2a009dbdd0ba1e7cdeb70(VALID:1)]

[06.26.2008 17:23:50] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: KESS123 (slot #10) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [1aa21a2b3b083cc30815a328ada94400(?)]

[06.26.2008 17:25:47] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: andrej (slot #22) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [18f0a65fc9da09acd3056f9d93b3f7bd(VALID:884)]

[06.26.2008 17:27:14] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: ^tB^wr^tO^Wn^tX ^t>^w_^t< (slot #10) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [f835ede01091d21431ad4ae5c3de7fb5(VALID:427)]

[06.26.2008 17:28:04] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: DickerEmoMitBart (slot #5) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [a5160026abaa968da20ea0313811e834(VALID:24)]

[06.26.2008 17:28:14] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: ^iEudios (slot #21) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [a5f6c83a8586d0f9d43a940710a99a98(VALID:58)]

[06.26.2008 17:31:57] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: ^tB^wr^tO^Wn^tX ^t>^w_^t< (slot #10) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [f835ede01091d21431ad4ae5c3de7fb5(VALID:427)]




[06.26.2008 18:17:46] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: ^uCraSh (slot #14) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [85b5db537965689fe2bb43df67e4cb20(VALID:30)]

[06.26.2008 18:18:55] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9013: Bambo (slot #11) Ignoring MD5Tool Queries [b81d78b0412e4112bf8e889f11c3cca1(VALID:196)]

[06.26.2008 18:21:36] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: Kommando freissler (slot #14) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [1b181f5e030786f1f50cee695cf5bcad(?)]

[06.26.2008 18:23:46] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: ^j=^xURA^j=^7Ajvngou^l.cz (slot #18) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [09317cd84f5b7c094d1e9c08baec0388(?)]

[06.26.2008 18:24:43] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: :mt. ^1mp3 (slot #3) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [80277255f296c8a1ecb1af3881d16f24(?)]

[06.26.2008 18:24:45] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: michalpl (slot #14) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [001581a6e4e43ab230744db7dadd57c8(VALID:19)]

[06.26.2008 18:26:03] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: rty (slot #13) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [e1279059445e7e555c10b014d3f2dd33(VALID:221)]

[06.26.2008 18:26:56] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: ^4=]HeroS[=jackattack (slot #3) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [14a8c52f9662b458e3e08021497e7c13(?)]

[06.26.2008 18:27:33] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: *Aion* (slot #13) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [6780fef9fe14f7a24b89dc805b5f3260(VALID:179)]

[06.26.2008 18:29:45] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: ^j=^xURA^j=^7Ajvngou^l.cz (slot #13) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [09317cd84f5b7c094d1e9c08baec0388(VALID:184)]

[06.26.2008 18:29:55] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: ^3Patrick^2BATEMAN (slot #22) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [7ce86bb507323073ad02fd5ab9762be8(VALID:483)]

[06.26.2008 18:30:17] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9013: Buffalo bob (slot #14) Ignoring MD5Tool Queries [7a3333030915fb3c12a08c50a908af7d(?)]

[06.26.2008 18:32:44] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: ^uCraSh (slot #13) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [85b5db537965689fe2bb43df67e4cb20(VALID:30)]

[06.26.2008 18:32:51] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: ^iEudios (slot #16) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [cff0102bfaf544e39cdb2aa0d128d8c5(?)]

[06.26.2008 18:35:07] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: ^1<SKORP>xav' (slot #26) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [13bd2395a8e5ed1c0ade09c41074470f(VALID:1247)]

[06.26.2008 18:35:21] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: judgejudy (slot #25) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [680a727ba4b6bcb8726ea4baff89d3bc(?)]

[06.26.2008 18:35:21] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006: smart (slot #16) Violation (IGNORING QUERIES) #9006 [75bfa6710bfb455957cd128ec193ea78(?)]


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yeah we got it here too.

like 2/3 of the players get booted for #9006, over and over again.

i myself dont have a problem, but thats damn wierd. some of my admins get booted too, they say they didnt install anything resently.


servers half-empty :(

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I see a lot of people getting kicked with #9006. Also one of my clanmates is reporting that he's getting repeatedly kicked with #120115 (Which is a game hook violation).


Our team notched up another ban on PBBans yesterday which just happened to be a #120115 violation. I know we have to wait for EvenBalance to look into this issue, but there does seem to be some sort of link with these 2 violations atm.


Edit: This is all happening on our most popular server which is running ET2.60b with NQ v1.1.1.

pb_sv_ver returns: PunkBuster Server: PunkBuster Server (v1.673 | A1382 C2.072) Enabled

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Now two of my clanmates are reporting being kicked for violation #120115. I daren't go on our server for getting kicked for that violation tbh.

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sorry for my english





disallowed driver/program #120115


et version: 2.60b + pb last version[upgrade]


my pb et version:

client (v2.072 | A1382) server version (v1.673 | A1382 | C2.072)



et.kernwaffe.de[NQ1.1.0], et2.kernwaffe.de[NQ1.1.1], et3.kernwaffe.de[NQ1.1.1] and other.


time to kick:




E2180, abit IP35, Geforce 8600 GTS 512 DDR3 1ns. 2x1GB DDR2


I reinstall PB[remove ALL], reinstall ET[remove ALL without etkey] no difference, PB kick is still





On linux[debian testing 32bit] it's OK, no kick.

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disallowed driver/program #120115


windows have connection limit[default=10], XPAntySpy can fix this problem[connection limit>50]


if you have connection limit <~17 PB kick you


heah, I play on ET 5h and I'm no kick anymore

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I heard the problem's reason is the new nvidia nforce driver. My brother have nvidia, dont installed the new driver, and he has no problem. I have ATI, and I neither dont have problem. So uninstall new nvidia driver, and install an older driver.

I heard too, just a simply ET reinstall after new nvidia driver helps. (save ur etkey :))

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I installed the lastest version of Nvidia drivers for my 8800-series two days ago with no issue.


Do not post "I heard" rumors without something to back it up.


The issue can't just be dealt with with random posts on what you think it might be.


Such issues need to be given some hard-core fact.


A. Did you update drivers? If so, from what to what, and what hardware do you run?


B. Were you running any new or newly updated programs in the background? If so, which program, and list the update and what the previous version was.


C. Do some thinking on absolutely everything you might have changed on your own system, provide as MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE.


D. Posting I'm being kicked, with error, but no other info to work with will get about as far as tying a lead-brick to your leg and hoping to be able to swim in the ocean if you jump out of a boat in the middle of it.


E. Error, currently running programs, hardware info, operating system it's being run on, driver revisions, anything changed recently....More information will help us, as well as you sort through this. We can aim you at what to ask evenbalance in a ticket, and evenbalance can be more informed, making their ticket easier to answer, as well, rather than leaving us all in the dark and looking for an answer for you, with next to nothing to go on.

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