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Lag since update


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Alright i updated my cod4 punkbuster and since i updated it i have lag on cod4 servers.

Not only me but my clan mates have the same problem since the new update came out.

Can you please explain what happened and help us?

thank you

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Before this gets out of hand :P let me put everyone straight here.

PBBans is not a GSP and not PunkBuster, we are an anti cheat site.

I play mainly COD4 and ET and have no probs what so ever.

If lag has suddenly appeared that was not present before and a PB update was the cause of it, I would hazard a guess that we would be inundated with post's of this nature :)


Common causes of lag that suddenly appears for no apparent reason are box overcrowding by a GSP / badly configured cvar/md5 scan checks / routing/netwok issues.

There is also the drain on server resources when the bans in a server pbbans.dat are humungus and the server is checking every player against whats in the pbbans.dat.

Thats why the "enforce bans" flag is so useful, let the Hub take the strain and not your server.


@ DarkWolf - only 1 of your COD4 servers has the enforce bans flag enabled, is this lag happening on all your COD4 servers ?


2 totally unrelated games reporting a lag issue, COD4 updated today and BF2 last updated 20.06.2008 does not smack of the same issue to me.

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Ye its happening on all cod4 servers and today i went on a server before update and was running fine then lag appeared im trying to reinstall the game to see wat happened

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23:51:04 pb_sv_ver

23:51:05 ^5PunkBuster Server: PunkBuster Server (v1.672 | A1402 C2.077) Enabled





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