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Can you please get the date of that SS? Knowing otis he may have a demo...




sad to see but to disprove ... he could have possibly shot an rnade at a med tryin to get a pitol shot or two in before he killed out...just kinda popped him in the air

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Does not look like a wallhack. It appears as the player is in front of the wall. By any chance that IS a wallhack that would mean the axis player was standing inside a wall. There is no way someone could go inside that wall with PB being enabled!

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Server is not streaming to PBBans so we would not ban for it in any case.


Please note that only players cheating on streaming servers are added to the MBi.


From our TOS


4.2 Submissions of screenshots and demo catches by participating SGA will not be accepted unless your server is currently streaming to PBBans. This is a mandatory and necessary precaution to ensure that the screenshots and demos being submitted have not been altered in any way.



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Player model is in front of the wall. ;)


If Im looking at the correct spot, through that door to the right is a set of stairs so if the model was being seen through the wall it would be higher up.


Kakke is this your server? If so then that would explain the not streaming....



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