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Regarding Violation #120120


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Violation #120120 (Gamehook) will remain valid and bannable until Evenbalance inform us otherwise.





No further information containing details of the detection will be released.


If we are told it is a bug, you will be informed and bans removed accordingly.


If you or a friend is kicked/banned for this violation, open an EB troubleticket here: http://www.evenbalance.com/troubleticket/new_ticket.php


The general response these tickets are getting is this:


1. You'll need to download 'tasklist' (Skip if you are using Windows Vista) from the following site: http://www.computerhope.com/download/winxp/tasklist.exe

2. Start the game, minimize it.

3. Click "Start" => "Run" => type "cmd"

4. Type "tasklist /SVC > tasks.txt".


This procedure will create a text file with a list of your current processes. The text file can be found at "C:/Documents and Settings/[your user]/tasks.txt". Paste the contents of this file into a new note on this ticket (you may need to put two notes or more if you have several of them).


It will be best to carry out this procedure before creating the troubleticket to pre-empt their response and speed up a resolution for you.

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I've made a bat file with the files needed




1. Extract tasklist_run.bat and tasklist.exe to the same directory

2. Start the game, minimize it.

3. Run the "tasklist_run.bat" file (Double CLick)

4. It will save the list to a text file called tasks_for_pb.txt

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A huge thank you, to all those that bothered to open a troubleticket and assist EvenBalance with their investigation into this issue


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