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need help with my account mangement log on


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hello im trying to get on the account mangement but keep getting this

** Access Denied **


You must have an account at PBBans to access this area.


To get a PBBans Account please visit our application page and apply.

but when i apply i get a message sayin i already have an account

heres my server ip etc




Team: united nutters peace keepers (unpk |)

Account ID: 3805

Streaming Status: Streaming (1 / 1)




Server List


COD4 - (Streaming)



User List


karc (121963)


thanks for your assistance

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You seem to already have a duplicate forum account, linked to that team. You will need to log in as "Karc" to gain access to the team account. Failing that, one of the Admins should verify this soon and be able to make the necessary alterations.

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If you have forgotten your original login details for the forum account karc forum ID 121963 the right way to go about things is to use the forgotten password feature on the forums.


The incorrect way is to create a duplicate forum account and try accessing things that a new forum account user has no right to access.


As a workaround for this particular case, and as a one time only fix, I will delete your original forum account - karc forum ID 121963 - and set the forum account you are using at the moment as the master account holder of team account 3805.


I think this is a satisfactory workaround for all concerned :)


I also changed the account e-mail to reflect what you are using now.

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