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When tweaking wil become hacking?


Hack or Tweak  

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  1. 1. Is this a hack or a tweak?

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Hi all, is this tweaking or can we already speak about hacking?

this topic is also running @ clanbase,

Give u opinion plz.





Now when noone cares about BF2 anymore and it is obvioius Punkbuster wont take actions against the config-tweaks, i was thinking it would be good idea showing what is possible to do. (read InFlux) used this to become good. I haved googled a bit and tweaked some files and accomplished a whole lot infact. None of the tweaks ive tested got busted by Punkbuster at online servers.


So, what did i do?


Sound tweaking

Removed the commander spotting

Removed the tinitus sound from a nade close to you

Removed the sound of wind

Removed my own footsteps

Increased the volume of others footsteps, weapons, revievesound etc etc.



Removed the blurr from a nade close to you

Made the nametags apear better when aiming at enemys

Making the crosshair smaller

Less shaky weapon when firing it. Dont know if recoil/spread was affected but i dont think so.


Further on

Ive changed som in usersettings.con so that you hit alot better. Might have been that server was awesome but i had 50 in PING and it felt like i was on LAN. I have never had such good hitarea before online in BF2

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We'll consider tweaking a game a hack when evenbalance.com does.


Until then, it just remains being what it is.


I can speak for myself, I make various tweaks to any game, to improve fps, fov, and various other things, as long as they fall into acceptable ranges approved by evenbalance and with regards to certain discoveries, pbbans.com as well.


I can't think of to many gamers I've known who don't tweak things out for best performance, regardless of the game.


I'd guess you've never played Q3 based games?

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Personally, I don't agree with a couple of the "tweaks". Some of them, if I had the option, I would locally kick/ban for. Particularly removing the blur from nades, removing sounds, increasing the volume of others.


Overall though, not a hack yet. Maybe soon.

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Tweaks will happen in all games. I play RtCW and ET, and use heavily modified configs (120 fov, mapoverbrightbits 3, intensity 1.5, pitch 0.0151).


I don't consider them hacking.


If you don't want players to use them, enforce CVAR restrictions. However, this is not an option in the Battlefield game series.

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I guess people will always have differences of opinion about tweaks. Personally I can't be bothered with them, I'm not a great player, I don't think a few tweaks is gonna turn me into one. However when you are really interested in something some people do try and find ways to improve things for themselves... a graphics change here, a hit fixer or sounds off. Its up to the individual at the end of the day. So a tweak is a tweak until EB say its not.

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Many different games allow tweaks. Why would BF2 or any other game be different?


Secondly, if you're not a tweaker, then perhaps you need to catch up, or just live with the fact people can, and will, in numerous games. PERIOD! and then deal with it accordingly.


No point to this thread, really, tweakers are tweakers, always exist, always will be, and if your hardware doesn't support it, to bad for you...upgrade!


Tweaks are simply not hacks, thread closed.

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