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PBBHub Greeting Problem


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hi i hope u guys can help me i was in a team called the united assassins but fell apart and ive joined a new clan with a new name and when i join any server with pbhub on it still comes up as my old name -yamaha.^-UA- is it possible u guys could remove me from the pbhub which would be most apreciated

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I can swear Rodeobob replied to this topic and already removed your GUID from that team account. :blink:

And if that server is not streaming. The account would be deactivated (to my understanding.) And you shouldn't be getting a greeting. But if the server is still streaming, your best to contact the server owner and ask them to remove your GUID from the greeting section. :)


EDIT: So i make more sense. :P

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It's also best to use your original account here, and make the request to be removed.


You have options to change your user-name, etc.


Dupe-accounts are most often removed, if we catch them.


One account per-user, requests are listened too, as well, with removal.

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