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Hey all.. I just signed up for the forums and I think I may have chosen the wrong options, not sure be maybe you could tell me. When I signed up it asked me if I was a server admin and did I want to stream, I chose no to both as its said must have ftp access which I dont. Well when I activated the account it said


Welcome to PBBans, your forum status is set as "member". This gives you limited access to the PBBans forums, to attain full forum access you must be streaming your server to PBBans.



*** Server Streaming ***


You must have access to one of the following: rcon, BF2CC, 2142CC or FTP to a PB enabled game server (FTP not mandatory) in order to setup streaming.


So being that I do have Rcon access since I am an admin in that regards I went back in my profile and chose yes to both, however our server already streams (The DogPound). So I am thinking that those questions were for the FTP server admins or something like that, call me confused. I just need to know if they should say yes or no.


Thanks for the help.



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Wow thanks for the quick response.. ok perfect well I will go back and say no to both those questions then cause I don''t need that level unless my command decides other wise.


Thanks again for the assistance!

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Just to clear the original question up :)


Some game server providers restrict or completely prohibit FTP access.

This is more prevalent on games that employ a ranking system.

With this in mind, PBBans makes it possible for admins who suffer such restrictions a method of initiating streaming using rcon.

It's not a unique to PBBans feature, because every method of streaming is initiated by basic PB commands, and as such can be entered via rcon or remote rcon console to at least get your server(s) into the streaming fold :)


The information you put in your profile is used to create a team account when an application is made and thats why we prefer new registrants to state at the onset wether they are interested in streaming to PBBans.


If the application is successful, the original requester is set to account master, and the account master can add / remove servers and users to the team account.

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Ahhh! I understand completely now I wasn't sure on how to answer them but Im all cleared up now! And I appreciate the responses! pbbans is a great community.


Thanks again!!!

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