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Streaming to multiple AC sites


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By default, I am streaming to PBBans and PunksBusted. I need to add in ACI.

On their site, they want me to add:


pb_sv_logaddr ""

pb_sv_logport 10750

pb_sv_loguser "public" // Change to your clan tag or leave as public

pb_sv_logpw "" // Leave blank


Add above commands to the file pbsvuser.cfg.


Which then overrides the hub.


What to do?

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OK, so is there more info from them that I need to stream?

I know PSB uses the repository method of streaming. If ACI uses the same method I do not think you cannot stream to both. Punkbuster will only allow one configuration for the repository method, at least that is my understanding.


You will need to choose to between ACI or PSB. If one is only needed for a match then possibly you could configure streaming during the match.


Ex. PSB needed for matches.


When server is in match mode, stream to PSB.


When server is in public mode, stream to ACI.


Server admins choice.

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The official TWL configs contain;


;// PsB/PBBans/AON Streaming Info
pb_sv_USessionLimit 12
pb_sv_uconadd 1 pbbanshub pbbanshub
pb_sv_uconadd 0 AONLIVE LIVEBETA

;//CoD4 PB Repository Commands
pb_sv_logaddr rep.punksbusted.com // Repository IP Address
pb_sv_logport 24425 // Repository Port
pb_sv_loguser XXXX // Enter your PsB ClanID (e.g. 0123)
pb_sv_task 0 7200 pb_sv_ver
pb_sv_task 0 86400 pb_sv_update


This effectively streams your server to PBBans / PsB / AON



TWL post

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