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Rainbow 6 Vegas 2


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Well Vegas 2 needs abit more support. It is becoming a hackers heaven.


My real name is SCE_Soultear (i have registered unpredictabl3 months ago)


I have Joined a clan called ShadowCompanyElite


SCE have been streaming with PB on our Vegas 2 servers but with all the problems with this buggy game, we have had to have them re-installed and never got them streaming again.


Hackers have become a problem with Vegas 2. With the hooks and pb mem hacks, why hasn't PBBans done anything about this? We admins need pb to be updated or something because the md5tool.exe doesnt work, i have tried this with legit files and with none legit files and always get kicked from the servers 100% of the time.


This is not a rant but a plea for help. I have found sites that particapate **admin edit: good idea to advert cheats in pub forums?**


I have posted up at Squadgames for some help and explaining on whats going on. **edit**


NOS,SCE,PAB,ICB,SS all need help with this matter, can someone around here step up to the plate and help? PB is failing bad in this game.


BTW I have revised flyboys cvar checks from vegas 1 too Vegas 2

I have passed this out to other admins, but it should be posted at a place for download where it matters


unpredictabl3(SCE_Soultear) [email protected]

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Team: Shadow Company Elite (SCE)

Account ID: 3683

Streaming Status: Streaming (1 / 7)




Server List


BF2142 -

BF2142 -

COD4 -


AA -

FFOW - (Streaming)




User List


SCE_Trashman (109680)

SCE_Spike Nine (123958)

sce_acemarvel (125832)


Helpful Links:

Account Management

CVAR / MD5 Scans (Setup and Use)

PBBans Hub Flags

Master Player Index

Automated Hub Setup

Not Streaming Fix



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Sorry for the slow reply, been very busy at work.


So you are saying I must stream all servers before I get support? I find that alittle bit odd but not entirely. And I thought SCE_Spike has COD4 streaming? I'll have to get back to him on that one.


I'll guess i'll get that started (SCE_Washington server and SCE_London server) Can an admin change my user name from unpredictabl3 to SCE_Soultear? IF it doesn't matter i'll keep unpredictabl3 no biggy. I guess i'll get things started. later all,


PS. I might need a hand with this.

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Quick question, do you need FTP port, server port, or the port for the webtool? I have downloaded the pb_cfgs.zip and have uploaded the files needed to one server. Just have to add the account. I have Rodeo on my msn now, if hes there, maybe lend a hand to a noob?

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Thanks for the quick reply, I did come upon an error as i was submitting the game server (SCE tag already in use?) HUH? I didnt get to far within the pdf (PBBans Hub Setup Guide.) Note, SCE_Trashman is out of the Vegas 2 division for quite some time. Navigation around here is abit confusing. How can I get around this? Updated my profile now what so I can continue to get SCE_London streaming?

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Well my sig says it all. Some minor glitch, probably at Trinity servers blocking the streaming process. Hell, I had to send them the pbsetup.exe because I couldn't do it manually. Ahh I'll try again tomorrow.

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