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Mass SGA E-Mail


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Unfortunately, the mass email that went out today had the link to the important thread was truncated and went out like this




instead of how it should have appeared




( shown ^^^ here complete as it should have been in the email but with the http:// removed so that IPB doesnt truncate it again )


Sorry for the inconvenience :)


Thanks for your continued support.

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Siskin I can't read this post at the moment as I have no streaming servers. After CBL went down we had to move our dedi and in the process have no servers to stream. If this is of major importance then bear with us until the new machine comes online...

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Ok, not sure if this is a dumb question or not but here it goes:


I have 7 users on the clan account. I am the only one who can see the full player index listings.


They have already entered their GUID's and have been verified by PBBans.com admins. What am I missing. I want them to be able to view the entire list so that I do not have to go and check players' backgrounds for former hacking.


Team name: =BoX= (Brothers Of Xemption)

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I believe that some of your other member accounts have been removed as they were all opened by you. A pm was sent but not responded to.

Also your Team account has not been verified. Only your guid has but your email still needs attention.

You can pm one of the Accounts staff - i.e me, to explain your situation if you like.



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