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Call of Duty 4 Screen


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Hey guys i know their is a code or something for 8000 nvidia card holders, that dont work when you first get the card and that.


Its to allow you smash the screens and that... can anyone remember the code to be able to brake them, as i cant seem to find it anywhere

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yes i am on about that, but with the 8000 type graphics cards, their is a code missing which stops you doing so... you have to type something in to your console for it to work and i cant remember what the code is and thats what i need.

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you know like the TV's in Boardcast and that, thats what i mean im unable to break them and i also found more info out.


its only people that run vista and any 8000 cards..... i know their is a command to sort it out though

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I know this is an old topic and all but TY Ice Man for the command, I just realised that when you play either Promod or PAM4 it forced that value to 0 and when you go back to play normal gamemodes you have to change it back manually.

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